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Notice to all AMPC Members:



*23 March 2019*

*G/F Gonzaga Hall, Ateneo de Manila University*


8:00 A.M.        Start of Registration at the AMPC front entrance

                        (Personal update form, raffle ticket, meal ticket
and giveaways may be given during this time.)

8:30 A.M. -     Casting of Votes for Election of Board of Directors

2:00 p.m.         and Committee Members. *Special prizes await voters!*

12:00 NOON  Lunch

1:00 P.M.        1. Call to Order

                        2. Cooperative Prayer - to be led by Ms. Dolly

                        3. Philippine National Anthem

                        4. Cooperative Pledge

                        5.  Welcome Address by Dr. Rafael Saldaña

                        6.  Recognition of Special Guests

                        7.  Inspirational Message by Dr. Ma. Luz C. Vilches

                        5. Proof of Due Notice and Determination of Quorum

                        6. Reading, Approval of and Business Arising from
the Minutes of the 2018 General Assembly

                        7. Report of the Chairman

    -Appointment of the Coop's External Auditor for the current fiscal year

8. Report of the Treasurer/Audited Financial Statement and 2019 Budget

2:30 P.M.        9. Presentation of New Proposals to the Articles of
Cooperative and By-Laws (if any)

3:00 P.M.       10. Open Forum

3:15 P.M.        11. Results of the Election of the Board of Directors and
Committee Members


Awarding of Special Prize of P2,500.00 for (1) female winner and (1) male
winner for Best in Summer Attire

Judges are  (1)  Ms. Annabelle S. Espino, (2) Dr. Rafael Saldaña, and (3)
Ms. Jufelyn Pimentel

 3:25 P.M         12. Closing Remarks by Dr. Angela Fatima Guzon

3:30 P.M.        13.  Adjournment

Distribution of Dividends and Patronage Refund follows


Non-MIGS and Associate members as of March 19, 2019
are not entitled to vote or to be voted upon


Attendance in the GA is a requirement if you want to retain your
Member-in-Good-Standing (MIGS) status. Those who do not attend the GA for
two consecutive years without a valid reason will lose their MIGS status on
the third year. This will mean loss of eligibility to be nominated for
positions in AMPC and loss of privilege to vote. Members who are still
unable to attend for a valid reason may address their letter to the
AMPC Secretary
and bring it to the AMPC Office. Or you may send it by email to ampc@

Because the GA is a business meeting, only AMPC members may attend the GA.
Spouses and children of AMPC members may NOT join the GA.

For the 43th year anniversary celebration, AMPC will give

   - 1 prize for MIGS amounting to P10,000.00
   - 1 prize for MIGS amounting to P5,000.00
   - 1 prize for MIGS amounting to P3,000.00
   - 10 prizes for MIGS amounting to P1,000.00 each
   - 20 prizes for 17 MIGS and 3 Non-MIGS amounting to P500.00 each
   - 40 prizes for 35 MIGS and 5 Non-MIGS amounting to P200.00 each
   - 40 prizes for 35 MIGS and 5 Non-MIGS amounting to P100.00 each

Winner must be physically present in order to claim the prize.


For those who are entitled to vote: Election of Officers (Username and
password will be given at the registration desk).

Click this link http://ampc.ateneo.net/   to view the following

   - List of Official Candidates for the AMPC Election 2019
   - List of AMPC Regular Members in Good Standing who are Entitled to Vote
   - How to Vote

* dividend on members’ share capital - 7.74%
  patronage refund -  10.59%*

Manner of payment:
*CASH – if the amount is P1,000.00 and below
      CHECK – if the amount is  P1,001.00 and above*

You may claim your dividends and patronage refunds at the AMPC Office
during office hours from Monday to Friday: 8 am to 5 pm; Saturday: 8 am to
12 noon

be credited to your capital build-up. An official receipt will be issued in
acknowledgment of this. You will receive your patronage rebates in full.


The dividend and patronage rebates of Privileged Patrons (PPs) with
fully-paid share capital of P15,000 will be given out. The dividends and
patronage rebates of PPs whose paid-up share capital is still below P15,000
will be credited to their capital build-up. An official receipt will be
issued to acknowledgment this.

A check will be issued to the UNIT or the DEPARTMENT HEAD. If it is to be
made out to a REPRESENTATIVE OF THE UNIT, a letter from the unit head or
department head authorizing AMPC to issue a check to the designated
representative must be submitted.


The annual report will be posted at the AMPC Website with link:
http://ampc.ateneo.net/                                         .

 Members may approach the AMPC office staff to request for a print copy of
the report.

*Thank you!*
*Ateneo de Manila Multi-Purpose Cooperative  (AMPC)*
*G/F Gonzaga Hall, Ateneo de Manila University Campus, Loyola Heights,
Quezon City*
*Telephone number: 426-6001 local 5107-5109, 5192, 5122*
*Telefax number: 426-6074*
*Email address: ampc at affiliate.ateneo.edu <ampc at affiliate.ateneo.edu>*


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