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19 March 2019

MEMO TO         :     All Employees

MEMO FROM     :     Jenny C. See



We would like to inform you that effective 7 March 2019, the Social
Security System (SSS) Office will no longer accept salary loan application
through the University’s Liaison Officer. For your reference, please find
attached the Notice to the Public from SSS Office, Diliman Branch. An
employee who intends to avail of SSS salary loan is advised to do either of
the following:

*Option 1:* Accomplish the prescribed SSS salary loan application form,
have it approved by the authorized signatory from the Central Accounting
Office (CAO) and submit it personally to SSS Diliman, Quezon City Office.

*Option 2:*  A member who is registered at My.SSS can submit the salary
loan application online. Once submitted, SSS will send an email
confirmation to the member-borrower that the application has been received.
Employee must forward the SSS email confirmation to CAO Payroll Section
through Mrs. Josefina Marasigan at jmarasigan at ateneo.edu and copy furnish
Mr. Samuel Torres at storres at ateneo.edu.

Employees who file for loan renewal prior the maturity of their previous
salary loan must submit a waiver to CAO Payroll Section before their loan
application can be approved by the University’s authorized approver. Please
ensure to submit the waiver and a copy of the email confirmation to CAO a
day after you file the loan application online. The University’s authorized
approver must be able to approve the salary loan application within 3 days
from date of online application of the employee.

For your information and guidance.


CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email, including any attachments, is only 
intended for the use of the addressee. It may contain confidential or 
privileged information, including personal data, which should not be used 
or disclosed without proper authorization. If you received this email in 
error, contact the sender immediately and permanently delete it from your 
system. Unless otherwise indicated, the contents of this email do not 
necessarily reflect the views or policies of the Ateneo de Manila 
Data privacy issues should be directed to the University Data 
Protection Office at the following contact information: questions or 
clarifications (info.udpo at ateneo.edu <mailto:info.udpo at ateneo.edu>); 
complaints or security incidents involving personal data 
(alert.udpo at ateneo.edu <mailto:alert.udpo at ateneo.edu>).

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