[Blueboard] Water Conservation Measures for Compliance and Implementation

Office of the VP for Administration [OVPA] vpadmin at ateneo.edu
Thu Mar 14 11:30:45 +08 2019

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Date : 14  March 2019
Memo to : The University Community
>From : (Sgd.) Fr. Nemesio S. Que, SJ
Vice President
Subject : Water Conservation Measures for Compliance and Implementation

In light of the recent water supply shortage, the University Emergency
Management Team (UEMT) is already working on contingencies and securing
emergency water supplies for the campus.  Communication materials are also
being prepared and will be shared, for posting in the appropriate locations.

In the meantime, we call upon our facilities management offices to
implement the following measures to further reduce our water consumption:

1.       Irrigation is one of the most consumptive uses of water on
campus.  For the duration of the water shortage, kindly refrain from using
the sprinklers to water campus vegetation.  Whenever possible, use recycled
water from campus wastewater treatment facilities.  To maximize soil
moisture, please use mulch around the base of the trees and on any exposed

2.       Aside from irrigation, toilet flushing is also a big contributor
to water consumption.  In order to minimize water usage for flushing, all
units are instructed to place at least two (2) 1-liter PET bottles filled
with sand inside the water closets. Doing so will minimize the amount of
water needed for flushing.  Kindly refer to the diagram below. The empty
PET bottles may be sourced from the campus materials recovery facilities.
The sand will be provided by the Central Facilities Management Office.

[image: image.png]
(Image From: http://bit.ly/2TxkGUK)

3.       Due to the low volume of water, there is not enough pressure to
supply water in the upper floors.  Thus, toilets in the upper floors of
buildings should be closed and users should be diverted to the toilets in
the lower floors instead.  This will also minimize the areas that need

We also take this opportunity to remind the community to be more mindful of
water consumption practices not only on campus but in your own homes as
well.  Let us be more responsible and careful with our water resources.

Thank you for your cooperation.
Office of the VP for Administration
Ateneo de Manila University
426 6001 ext 4200
426 6083


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