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The Department of Political Science

*The Postwar Rise and Decline of the Left in Southeast Asia*

A special lecture by
Dr. Nathan Gilbert Quimpo

*Thursday, 14 March 2019*
*5:00 - 6:30 PM*
*Leong Hall Auditorium*

*About the lecture*

Nathan Gilbert Quimpo studies why leftist movements and parties, which were
major forces in Southeast Asian politics before, during and immediately
after World War II, have faded and have not significantly recovered.
Quimpo argues that most of the major revolutionary left groups in the
region (except in Vietnam and Laos) followed, or were strongly influenced
by, Maoist tenets, which proved very much unsuitable to their countries’
conditions. Amid gains of certain states in authoritarian developmentalism,
the revolutionary forces launched, and adhered to, “protracted people’s
wars” that all failed to progress beyond guerrilla warfare.  The dogmatism
and inflexibility of the revolutionary left forces prevented them from
shifting successfully from armed to parliamentary/electoral struggle. Since
the decline of the revolutionary left in the 1980s, Quimpo further points
out, some leftist political forces have emerged and are seeking to
challenge the hold on power of entrenched politico-economic elites.  They
face great odds, however, as the entrenched elites, apart from resorting to
the usual patronage and corruption, have also been building and developing
their own models of participation and representation to prevent effective
contestation for power by progressives.

*About the lecturer*

Nathan Gilbert Quimpo is a semi-retired adjunct professor of political
science and international relations at the University of Tsukuba; he also
teaches at Hosei and Toyo Universities (both in Tokyo). He has taught at
the University of the Philippines, University of Amsterdam and Sophia
University (Tokyo). He finished his Ph.D. in Political Science and
International Relations at the Australian National University. A long-time
political activist in the Philippines, he was granted political asylum in
the Netherlands in 1994.

Quimpo has authored "Contested Democracy and the Left in the Philippines
after Marcos" (Yale University Southeast Asia Studies 2008), co-authored
"Subversive Lives: A Family Memoir of the Marcos Years" (Anvil 2012 and
Ohio University Press 2016), co-edited "The US and the War on Terror in the
Philippines" (Anvil 2008), and "The Politics of Change in the Philippines"
(Anvil 2010). He has published articles in Comparative Politics, Pacific
Review, Asian Survey, Southeast Asian Affairs, Critical Asian Studies and
Journal of Asian Studies and International Affairs.

*The event is open to the public.*

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