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Date : 13  March 2019
Memo to : The University Community
>From : (Sgd.) Fr. Nemesio S. Que, SJ
Vice President

Some buildings may have experienced low water pressure or no water at all
yesterday. Manila Water pumping stations were not able to fill up the
normal levels needed to supply water the whole day. This affected the
output needed to supply their line.

As a community, let us join the water authorities in their efforts to
conserve water. The declining water level in the Angat, Ipo and La Mesa
Dams has reached alarming proportions. Listed below are water conservation


   1. Monitor and keep the plumbing system in good and efficient working
   2. Collect water from window air-con drips and recycle for use to flush
   toilets or for cleaning and mopping of floor.
   3. Install shut-off on water hoses or low volume/high pressure nozzles
   (LVHP) or flow constrictors on faucets and showers to save on water.
   4. Identify/ Install possible water catchment basins on downspouts and
   air conditioning systems and use the residual water to water plants.
   5. Close water gate valves when not in use (e.g., Saturdays, Sundays and
   6. Use only the right amount of water based on priority and optimize
   residual water to water plants or to clean building surroundings or floors.
   7. Post water conservation tips in conspicuous places within the
   8. Immediately report to FMSO/ CFMO any leaks for immediate repairs.
   9. Consistent use of DEWATS and BWATS recycled water for paver and
   walkway cleaning.


   1. Repair running toilets and leaky pipelines and faucets.
   2. Turn off the tap when soaping your hands, brushing your teeth.
   3. Take shorter showers or use a pail water, instead of running water
   from the shower.
   4. Use broom, feather duster and damp cloth to clean furniture,
   fixtures, classrooms, offices, etc.
   5. Don’t let the water run unabated while you wash dishes.
   6. Collect the water you use for rinsing fruits and vegetables, then
   reuse it to water houseplants.
   7. Designate one glass for your drinking water each day or refill a
   water bottle. This will cut down on the number of glasses to wash.
   8. Turn off faucets tightly after each use.
   9. Collect all left-over drinking water for cleaning and watering of
   10. Reduce the amount of soap to minimize water use for rinsing.
   11. When washing dishes, remove left-over food particles and oil by
   tissue paper first to lessen watering, soaping and rinsing.
   12. Use recycled water (e.g., water used in dish-washing) for watering


   1. Water plants and lawn early in the morning or late in the afternoon
   when it’s cooler. Don’t water your plants during windy days or high noon.
   2. Limit lawn watering. Grass and full grown trees do not need lots of
   3. Use pail and dipper instead of sprinklers when watering plants.
   4. When cleaning cars and vehicles, use feather duster more frequently/
   pail and damp cloth and not running water via hose.
   5. Immediately report any water leaks from busted pipes, water ponding,
   damp lawns, etc.


For your information and guidance.
Office of the VP for Administration
Ateneo de Manila University
426 6001 ext 4200
426 6083


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