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This Job Vacancy is under the Category B of the Employee Referral Program


Department of Chemistry, Loyola Schools


Under the supervision of the Department Chair and the Building and
Laboratory Supervisor, the Chemical Laboratory Technician III (T-05)
provides technical assistance to support and maintain the efficient
laboratory operations of the Department of Chemistry. He or she may also be
tasked to supervise Chemical Laboratory Technicians in the absence of the
Building and Laboratory Supervisor. In particular, attention is paid to the
various regulatory requirements of today’s environment that are critical
for the Department to continue its operation and mission.

*Job Description:*

A.       Chemical Laboratory Operations

1.       Assists and deals with faculty, research assistants, teaching
assistants, and students.

2.       Prepares with accuracy chemicals and solutions (percent, molarity)
for laboratory classes; prepare chemical unknowns which much be carefully
coded and recorded.

3.       Assists faculty and the Laboratory Supervisor in maintaining the
general order, safety, cleanliness and security of the stockroom and
laboratories, and related facilities at Schmitt Hall.

4.       Monitors chemical waste from activities of students and
researchers, and guide them on proper waste disposal in coordination with
the Faculty Safety Officer.

5.       According to established norms, fines students for failure to
observe laboratory rules and for laboratory breakage.

6.       Checks, inspects and/or repairs laboratory lockers at the
beginning and at the end of the semester.

7.       Assists faculty in the preparation of apparatus or teaching aids,
e.g. lab demonstrations and in-house audio-visual needs.

8.       Operates and maintains water distillation systems.

9.       Attends various laboratory operations such as purification of

10.    Keeps records of inventory of materials, supplies and deliveries.

11.    Maintains the user logs of chemicals and supplies dispensed from the

12.    Maintains the user logs of general apparatus.

13.    Assists in maintaining the user logs of equipment under the
supervision of the Instrument Manager and instrument/laboratory

14.    Maintains basic apparatus and certain laboratory instruments to be
determined by the Laboratory Supervisor, Instrument Manager, or the Chair
of the Department.

15.    Maintains the Department’s inventory of chemicals and general
laboratory supplies, and inform the supervisor well in advance of items
that need to be procured, so that these do not run out.

16.    Assists in maintaining the Department’s inventory of general
laboratory apparatus and equipment and inform the supervisor and the
Instrument Manager of needed maintenance, repair, or procurement.

17.    Assists the Instrument Manager in the inventory, maintenance, and
procurement of instruments and related accessories, spare parts, and

18.    Assists in the preparation of the budget for laboratory-related

B.       Compliance with Government Regulations

1.       Maintains compliance with regulations associated with laboratory
operations, in particular those of Philippine National Police (PNP),
Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and Department of Environment and
Natural Resources - Environmental Management Bureau (DENR-EMB), and
Professional Regulatory Commission (PRC). These include compliance with
handling, dispensing, storage, and disposal of controlled chemicals, and
chemical waste management and inventory duties.

2.       Maintains the complete, accurate and timely submission of
inventories and reports to the PNP and PDEA for regulatory agencies in
coordination with administrative staff and the Building and Laboratory

3.       Maintains the proper, complete, and accurate inventory and proper
storage of chemical and hazardous wastes, in compliance with DENR-EMB

4.       Coordinates with the Laboratory Supervisor and administrative
staff for the proper disposal of hazardous waste.

5.       Participates in training programs to enhance job skills and
maintain eligibility for the Chemist Laboratory Technician License.

C.      Building and Facilities Operations

1.       Monitors the building and laboratories (Cleanliness, Safety and
Security) and notify the Building Supervisor or the Department Chair (as
appropriate) of needed minor and major improvements in Schmitt Hall and
facilities under the Chemistry Department.

2.       Assists in the supervision of building, facilities, electrical,
plumbing, and other infrastructure work done by OFS or outside contractors
to maintain compliance with chemistry laboratory needs and regulatory

3.       Assists in minor repairs in areas such as plumbing, carpentry,
mechanical, and electrical works (Schmitt Hall and or SEC C stockroom and


·      The position requires a valid Chemistry Laboratory Technician
License from the Professional Regulation Commission effective April 12,
2018 under the provisions of Republic Act No. 10657 (Chemistry Profession
Act of 2015).

·      A minimum of 3 years’ experience in on-the-job laboratory work is

·      Basic knowledge and skills in carpentry, plumbing and electrical

·      Considerable knowledge of chemistry laboratory practices, including
chemical safety, regulation, and waste management.

·      Basic computer knowledge for documentation and inventory purposes.

·      Attention to detail.

·      Physically fit for laboratory and building work.

·      Good customer service and interpersonal skills.

Interested applicants must submit the following:

                     I.            Letter of intent addressed to HR
Director duly endorsed by your supervisor, indicating…

·         what you can contribute to the position

·         why you want to apply for the position

·         why you are qualified for the position

                   II.            Letter of Recommendation from your
immediate supervisor (see attached template)

The endorsed letter of intent attached with the employees updated resume
must be submitted on or before 13 March 2019.

Christine L. Velasco

HR Officer I

Workforce Planning and Capability Development

           Office of Human Resource Management and Organization Development


*Workforce Planning & Capability Development*
*Office of Human Resource Management & Organization Development*
*4266001 loc. 4158*


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