[Blueboard] EU Lecture Series: EU Energy Policy: Climate Policy is Energy Policy and EU in Global Energy Governance

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European Studies Program

School of Social Sciences

EU 20 and EU 151 classes invite you to the following lectures to be given

*Dr. Rafal Ulatowski*

Faculty of Political Science and International Relations

University of Warsaw

EU Lecture Series #3

*EU Energy Policy: Climate Policy is Energy Policy*

5 March 2019

2:00-5:00 pm, Faura AVR


In the 21st century repeated gas conflicts between Ukraine and Russia
strengthened the fears of many EU members that they might find themselves
cut off from resources.  The risks caused by dependence on a single
supplier were again the subject of much discussion.  Memories of the oil
embargo of 1973 returned in the EU.  Simultaneously, the discussion on
climate change and the impact of human activity on climate change took
centre stage.  As early as at the turn of 1980s and 1990s, the effects of
rising greenhouse gas emissions received international attention, with
governments willing to achieve some level of political coordination on
climate issues. This two area have been strongly interrelated. For the EU
energy policy is climate policy.

EU Lecture Series #4

*EU in Global Energy Governance*

7 March 2019

2:00-5:00 pm, Faura AVR


Global energy governance emerged as an important subject in international
relations in the early 21st century, fuelled by growing concerns over
energy security and climate change.  Steadily rising oil prices in the
first decade of this century, the inability of producers to increase
production, the possibility of a peak in oil production and the possibility
of resource (oil) wars dominated the discussion about the energy market.The
paper traces the evolution of global energy governance and the role of the
European Union in this process.

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