[Blueboard] PhP101200 in Financial Assistance Received by 60th Sickness Aid Plan Member

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Sat Feb 23 08:11:36 +08 2019

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The sixtieth member-beneficiary of the Sickness Aid Plan received

*Sixtieth Beneficiary of the Sickness Aid Plan (SAP)*
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Ms. Diane O. Villanueva was diagnosed with an illness covered under SAP.

Ms. Villanueva is currently a staff from the Office of the Vice President
for Finance and Treasurer.

On the February 28, 2019 payroll (available on 26 February 2019), PHP100.00
will be deducted from the salary of all SAP members.

To express her personal message of gratitude, Ms. Villanueva wrote:

*"To SAP co-members*

*Good day!*

*Thank you for your generous hearts in helping me out in this unexpected
hospitalization and sudden illness.*

*God Bless you all!"*

The Sickness Aid Plan was conceptualized and is funded by employee-members
who contribute PHP100.00 each to help out a co-employee/member who gets
sick of a dreaded disease or who is confined at the ICU.

To date, since its inception in 2005, the fund has disbursed more than Four
Million Pesos, or PHP4,797,700.00 to be exact, to 60 recipients.

To become a member, an initial contribution of PHP200.00 is required.  Once
a plan member is given assistance, the amount disbursed will be replenished
by deducting PHP100.00 from each member’s pay through salary deduction.

When pooled together, the PHP100.00 contribution of each member can provide
life-saving assistance.

Currently, the SAP has 997 active members and 15 non-active members who
contributed to the above recipient.

Join the Sickness Aid Plan – Be a member today and help out a co-employee
when a need arises and if, GOD forbid, you will be the one who will need
financial assistance, your co-employees are here to help you out.

Click on the link and view the SAP policy:


For inquiries, please call Ms. Suzanne L. Melaya at 4127.


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