[Blueboard] Love our Mother Earth, Reduce Food Waste

Ericson S. Caparas ecaparas at ateneo.edu
Mon Feb 18 08:42:44 +08 2019

Food waste is a growing global concern that is also connected to other
problems such as environmental sustainability and poverty. It is a problem
that needs to be addressed since food is a necessity in sustaining life.

Every year, “approximately 1.3 billion tonnes” of food is wasted around the
world. In 1 developing countries such as the Philippines, food waste
amounts to US$ 310 billion.

To put this in our context, you might have observed that there are numerous
food establishments and cafeterias inside and around Ateneo that practice
“clean as you go” or CLAYGO. With this practice, consumers are in charge of
throwing their leftover food in the trash bins (if they have leftovers) and
returning their used plates and utensils. When you take a look at the
leftover bins, you would be surprised to see the large amount of food
waste generated
in a day.

To gather quantitative data on the food waste generated in the JGSOM
Student Enterprise Center (JSEC) on an average day, Ms. Ma. Bea Patricia P.
Santiano of 4 AB Interdisciplinary Studies created an output that could
raise awareness of the amount of food waste being generated, and hopefully
bring about a positive change in the habits of the consumers in JSEC.

Shown in the photos below are the creative output that are currently placed
in JSEC.



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