[Blueboard] On the use of drinking straws

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Date                :                8 February 2019

Memo to         :         The University Community

>From              :         (Sgd.) Fr. Nemesio S. Que, SJ
                                    Vice President

Subject            :            On the use of drinking straws

The Ateneo de Manila University recognizes our responsibility to live
simpler, less wasteful lifestyles.  As persons for others, we recognize the
need to minimize our waste and its impacts on both people and the
environment.  Since 2009, many of our units have already phased out
disposable food packaging materials, which has greatly reduced our solid
waste.  We also recognize that more can still be done.

In this regard, upon consultation with the various school units, the
University will no longer allow the use and sale of drinking straws in all
units on campus starting March 1, 2019.   Everyone is encouraged to rethink
the need for straws given the diverse options for refreshments offered in
the cafeterias.  We entrust the coordination and implementation of this
initiative to the various unit administrations.

We also take this opportunity to remind the community to be more mindful of
wasteful practices.  Refusing straws is just a start - and more than the
material, it is the habit of wasting less that is important.  Please take
advantage of reusable/refillable water bottles so we can further minimize
plastic waste.  Whenever possible, please choose reusable plates and
utensils which may be available for rent in your units.

We invite everyone to support this initiative, not only in school but also
in your own homes and communities, so that we can take better care of each
other and the environment.

Thank you for your support and cooperation.

Office of the VP for Administration
Ateneo de Manila University
426 6001 ext 4200
426 6083


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