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Fri Feb 1 11:02:04 +08 2019

Enrollment for the LS Never too late to feel great Fitness Programs has
been extended to
*Feb. 15, 2019* on a first come first served basis for the following
Fitness programs.

“Never Too Late To Feel Great” is a collaborative program of the *Office of
Health Services* and *Physical Education Program*, with the support of
the *Office
of the Associate Dean for Student and Administrative Services* and the *Office
of the Vice President for the Loyola Schools*.

[image: tai-chi.jpg]

Try out this gentle art combining movement and meditation to firm up your
joints, improve balance, calm stress and increase your aerobic
capacity.  Spend an hour of low-impact, harmonious movements rooted in
ancient martial arts and reap the benefits of “no pain, big gain” moves
that improve muscle strength and flexibility, while giving you aerobic
conditioning with *Tai Chi Master Edwin Ang every Wednesday,5:30 pm at
Martial Arts room of P.E. Department.*

[image: movement class.jpg]


You don’t have to be a dancer to get a fun fitness work-out. Join this high
energy, dance-based, cardio and toning class and forget tiring routines and
repetitions of gym classes – movement class is all about getting a good
sweat while sculpting your body, increasing your mobility, stability and
strength with internationally acclaimed dance coach and Ateneo alumni, *Mr.
Reflex Gotangco every Tuesday, 5:30 pm at PE Dance studio*

[image: Cardio zumba.jpg]


Work out a sweat with high and low intensity work-outs that strengthen
core, back, arm and leg muscles for an all-around toning to the beat of
upbeat music that takes you from high intensity full body workouts to slow
plyometric work outs that improve your cardiovascular fitness and reduce
cholesterol with dance coach *Archie Rodriguez every Tuesdays, 5:30 pm at
MPR of college covered courts*

[image: Cardio aerobics.jpg]

Keep company with a group that aims for the heart rate zone where you'll
burn the most fat and calories while enjoying the benefits of getting active,
keeping your mind sharp, while reducing your risks for debilitating chronic
illnesses with *Coach Regine Clemente every Thursday, 5:30 pm at PE Dance

[image: Intermediate yoga.jpg]


Take yoga to the next level and build strength, flexibility and focus o to
improve your strength, flexibility, balance and overall well-being without
worrying about injury with internationally acclaimed dance coach and Ateneo
alumni *Jan Cerezo every Friday, 5:30 pm at PE dance studio*


For inquiries and enlistment, please contact* Ms. Kris Canlas* at *local
5110* or you may drop by at the LS Office of Health Services, *Room
105, **Social
Sciences Building*.


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