[Blueboard] Loyola Schools Credit Cooperative (LSCC) Call for Nomination

Joanne Serrano jserrano at ateneo.edu
Mon Mar 5 11:35:42 +08 2018

*Memo to    :  ALL LSCC MEMBERS From          :  LOYOLA SCHOOLS CREDIT

*-------------------- Nomination for LSCC ELECTION 2018 is now open. We
encourage all members to nominate the best candidates for the following
positions: BOARD OF DIRECTORS Staff (1 vacant position) - 3 years term
(2018-2020) Faculty (1 vacant position) - 3 years term (2018-2020) ELECTION
COMMITTEE 3 vacant positions - 1 year term (2018-2019) AUDIT COMMITTEE 3
vacant positions - 1 year term (2018-2019)*


* For the list of QUALIFIED MEMBERS, please click the link:*

*http://bit.ly/LSCCmember2018 <http://bit.ly/LSCCmember2018> For ONLINE
NOMINATION, here's the link: *

<https://goo.gl/forms/ubLTisiCjOMh4iQv1> Nomination form is also available
on the following offices:MIS Office (3F Faber Hall) c/o Rodel local
5173JSOM Building Faculty Area (5F of JGSOM Building) c/o Rhem local
5546OSS Office (Xavier Hall) c/o Joanne local 5020Please support and
participate in this coming election. Thank you. Joanne R. Serrano Rodel
CrisostomoRhembrandt Magsino *



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