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*European Studies Program School of Social Sciences*

*EU 20 (Evolution of European Integration), EU 151 (Economics of the
European Integration) and EU 152 (European Political and Social
Integration) *

*classes invite you to a lecture-forum on*

*Prospects of European Political Integration*

to be given by:

*His Excellency Michel Goffin*
Ambassador of the Kingdom of Belgium to the Philippines

*Tuesday, 6 March 2018*

*2:00-3:30 pm *

*Faber Hall 101*


It is initially posited that “the EU is coming back” on the international
scene, and that is why Asia/Philippines should be aware of this. It is
therefore important to understand what the EU is exactly, a “voluntary
community of sovereign States based on the rule of law.” The fundamental
concepts of voluntary, community, sovereign States, rule of law are then
discussed.  In this view, the EU was created on the basis of 3 premises
after the war, namely: economic prosperity, freedoms and values, and
security. From here, 5 existential crises that have plagued the EU in
recent years and have broken the original 3 promises will important points
of discussion.  To respond to these crises, an exposition of the 5 possible
scenarios currently in discussion for the future of the EU will have to be
illustrated. The paper concludes that the obvious scenario is “there is no
escape from an “Ever Closer Union”, based on the policy paper recently
published by a colleague Belgian Ambassador Jean De Ruyt at our Belgian
think tank, Egmont Institute.

*About the Speaker*

Ambassador Michel Goffin, finished his Baccalaureate in 1982 with a degree
in Philosophy and Master of History of Arts majoring in Musicology in 1983.
He has taken his Post-Graduate degree in International Relations in 1985 at
UCL Louvain Belgium.  At the start of his career, Ambassador Goffin, served
as first secretary at the Belgian embassy in Baghdad, Canberra and
counsellor at the Belgian embassy in Jakarta. Since then, he worked in
various posts in the United Nations such as Head of Economic and Social
section, Head of the Belgian delegation to ECOSOC, diplomatic advisor to
the Minister of Justice and Deputy Director in the United Nations-Ministry
of Foreign Affairs.  From there, he became the Ambassador to Pakistan and
Afghanistan in Islamabad for 3 years. In 2009, he worked as Deputy Chief of
Cabinet of the Minister for Development Cooperation and served as head of
the UN Desk for Belgian contributions and later as Deputy Director General
in Multilateral Affairs in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgium. In
2012, he became the head of Mission to Laos with the European External
Action Service.  Currently, Ambassador Goffin is the Director General for
Multilateral Affairs and Globalization. He is in charge of policy
coordination for the UN, EU and NATO affairs and also serves as Director
General for Political Affairs at the EU Foreign Affairs Council of



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