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This Job Vacancy is under the category A of the Employee Referral Program.


School of Government

*Job Summary*

Under the supervision of the Academic Program Head and the Dean, the
Records and Academic Officer effectively supports the operation of the
School of Government by:

·         Providing a major link and source of feedback information to and
from ASOG doctoral students (PhD LS-PM) and the Academic Head / ASOG Faculty

·         Ensuring that complete staff work is delivered effectively and
efficiently to ASOG clients - the students and the faculty

·         Maintaining the integrity of all student records

·         Processing of all outgoing/ incoming scholastic documents

·         Maintaining complete and valid records of all students that will
help facilitate an efficient registration process


*Job Responsibilities*

*      I.        **General Responsibilities*

A.     Prepares and submits needed information to the Academic Head for
annual and quarterly reports

B.     Prepares and submits needed information to the Academic Head for
preparation of annual Academic Team budget

C.    Ensures that all documents especially budget related files are
treated confidential and that all files are intact on designated file

D.    Performs other related tasks as may be assigned by the Dean /
Academic Program Head

*     II.        **As Records Officer:*

A.     Application Process

1.     Manages and oversees the entire program application process

·         Thoroughly reviews and maintains application documents

·         Provides appropriate feedback to applicants regarding the status
of their application submission

·         Summarizes information of applicants based on their submitted
documents and application results and forwarding this information to the
Academic Head;

·         Coordinates with the Bulatao Center for aptitude testing,
receives the test results and, ensures confidentiality and test integrity
at all times

·         Convenes the Admissions Panel, consisting of the Academic Head
and two (2) core faculty members

·         Arranges interview schedule of specific applicants with ASoG
panel when necessary

2.     Prepares and releases application results (Notice of Acceptance and
Unsuccessful Application), noting especially Acceptance Conditions specific
to students upon approval of the Academic Head

3.     Monitors and generates a list of students with indefinite and /or
special academic requirements to fulfill upon admission, communicating
their completion, and confirmation of students’ new status

B.     Registration

1.     Sets registration schedule and guidelines at least three weeks
before the start of the module in coordination with the MPM Academic
Program Officer

2.     Processes requests for or inquiries on registration information,
guidelines, procedures, and/or documents, deadlines, important dates

3.     Guides and assists students through the registration process

·         Assesses students’ eligibility for enrollment

·         Accurately evaluates students’ academic status

·         Changes in students’ advisement;

·         Performs other special requirements such as enlisting late
enrollees and assisting in encoding changes/irregular enlistment

·         Monitors accomplishment of academic requirements needed to
undertake Comprehensive Examinations, Oral Defense of Thesis/ Dissertation,
and graduation

C.    Program End and Graduation

1.     Sets deadlines and prepares list of candidates for graduation before
every end of school year in coordination with Academic Head

2.     Processes student clearances with affiliated units, such as CAO, the
Rizal Library, and other concerned units

3.     Serves as the overall ASOG coordinator of graduation

4.     Prepares, checks, distributes diplomas for graduating students

D.    Student Evaluation and Records Keeping

1.     In coordination with the Academic Head, develops and implements a
system to ensure

·         Timely submission and release of student grades

·         Updates of INC, UW, and like grades to reflect completion /
non-completion / change of grade

·         Accurate and proper processing of Completion Forms, Change of
Grade Forms, and other forms concerned with student grades

2.     With approval from the Academic Head and in coordination with the
Assistant to the Registrar, develops and implements an effective and
systematic process for receiving,  preparing, maintaining, storing, and
retrieving all scholastic documents, files, and report records in line with
the ASOG’s standards of relevance, efficiency, and service, including but
not limited to:

·         Students’ grades database

·         Graduate school grade reports

·         Grade sheets and class lists

·         Enrolment/ class lists

·         Forms and reports for submission to Commission on Higher
Education (CHED)

·         Failures and honors lists

·         Student clearances

·         Transcript of Records (Official and For Evaluation)

·         Transfer of Credentials

·         Student Diploma

·         Governance Innovation Report details

·         Other certification, verification forms, and the like

3.     Ensures students’ records are complete, up-to-date, and
systematically maintained  to facilitate quick reference for efficient
response to specific request for specific documents

4.     Maintains stability and integrity of student database by encoding
accurate data into the system, and constantly updating all pending
requirements to complete student records information

E.     Administrative Functions

1.     Contributes to the regular process of reviewing office processes,
systems, and/ or procedures, especially within the Records and Registration
team, that will improve the team’s efficiency and service level to the

2.     Participates in and is accountable to one’s own performance
planning, evaluation, and development

3.     Performs other duties and tasks as the School Registrar deems
necessary to support the office’ business objectives

*    III.        **As Academic Program Officer for PhD LS-PM:*

A.     Application Process

1.     Guides applicants or students through the application and
registration process

·         Reviews and maintains application documents thoroughly

·         Coordinates with the Testing Center for entrance examination

·         Summarizes information of applicants based on their submitted
documents and application results

·         Arranges interview schedule with ASoG panel when necessary

2.     Prepares and releases application results (Notice of Acceptance and
Unsuccessful Application), noting especially Acceptance Conditions specific
to students

B.     Course Assistance

1.     Pre-Module

·         Assists in course scheduling by way of coordinating with other
Academic Program Officers for

Ø  Advices regarding necessary course offerings for PhD completion

Ø  Schedules MPM classes for respective cohorts and assists Academic Head
in faculty recruitment / assignments

Ø  Issuances of NOTICE OF COURSE OFFERING at least 4 weeks before the start
of each term, including guidelines for registration

·         Coordinates with assigned faculty for contract processing, course
designs, schedules, and materials, and other contract deliverables an needed

·         Reminds faculty and students of schedules at least ONE WEEK
before the start of term

·         Facilitates faculty and teaching staff remuneration when
appropriate, including initiation of Order for Check requests

2.     During Program and Course Activities

·         Verifies the status of enrollment of each PhD student and submits
the list to the Academic Program Head in coordination with the Asst. to the
Registrar and CAO

·         For classes with PhD students, attends to faculty needs and
concerns as necessary including collection of reports, papers, and course

·         Informs the Academic Head of such for action in cases where
faculty needs and concerns are beyond his/ her area of responsibility

3.     Post Program Activities

·         Follows up the grade submissions from faculty, constantly
informing him/ her of deadlines

·         Submits signed and final grading sheets to the Records Officer /
Asst. to the Registrar for proper filing and recording

·         Files and keeps all course designs and materials for future

·         Tracks the progress of current student cohorts, in liaison with
the Records Officer / Asst. to the Registrar

·         Recruits competitive faculty to handle PhD subjects and make sure
they come from diverse background

C.    Program Management

1.     Finalizes the ASOG leadership framework anchored to the University
Ignatian Leadership

2.     Improves management and operations systems of the PhD in LS-PM

3.     Organizes quarterly brown bag or leadership symposium

4.     Performs other related tasks as may be assigned by the Dean


1.     Bachelor’s degree in any field

2.     At least 5 years work experience, preferably in an area related to
program management, records keeping, and educational administration.

3.     With skills and knowledge on

·         Self-Management

·         Self-Development

·         Problem-solving

·         Technical Knowledge / Skills

·         Initiative

·         Networking

4.     Team player

*Interested applicants must submit the following:*

*      I.        **Letter of intent addressed to HR Director duly endorsed
by your supervisor, indicating…*

·         *why you want to apply for the position *

·         *why you think you are qualified for the position*

·         *what you can contribute to the office if you were hired in this

*     II.        **Letter of Recommendation from your immediate supervisor
(see attached template).*

*The above stated documents, along with your updated resume, must be
submitted on or before 12 January 2018 to:*

*Christine L. Velasco*

*HR Officer I*

*Workforce Planning and Capability Development*

*                Office of Human Resource Management and Organization
Development   *


*Workforce Planning & Capability Development*
*Office of Human Resource Management & Organization Development*
*4266001 loc. 4158*



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