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Sat Feb 3 11:23:04 +08 2018

The LS Office of Health Services with the P.E. Department would like to
invite all to attend

                                    Ten-Minute Fitness Workouts

                 Crossfit Coach: Derrick Carlo Mercado and Gian Carlo

                              with a testimony  by Ms.Julie Ann S. Nealega

                                             Feb. 7, 2018

                                    Faura AVR, 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Explore do's and dont's to make the best out of your fitness apps and DIY
routines.  Find out how exercise and lifestyle can make a difference in
your life with post-transplant fitness adviser Ms. Nealega.

This talk is part of the "Sweat it Out" Fitness Program of the P.E.
Department with the LS Office of Health Services.  The event is undertaken
under the Office of the Associate Dean for Student and Administrative

Fitness Program Participants who have signed up are advised to proceed with
confirming their sign-ups by paying through the Cashier's Office.
Attendance will serve as an Orientation for the Fitness Programs.

Sign-ups for the after-school Fitness Programs “Sweat it Out” are still
on-going for the programs below. Studies find that:  “finding a new skill
or hobby boosts endorphins (yes, your happy hormones) and confidence,”
notes Wellness coach Robert Hutchinson.

Try out a new hobby your future-you might thank you for:


Drumstick Fitness

Mondays, 5:30 pm, PE Dance Studio

Shake off pounds  with plyometric and cardio workouts and improve your
agility, coordination, and strength.  You don’t need to be a drummer to


Belly Dancing

Tues, 5:30 pm, PE Dance Studio

Do what it takes to move those unused core muscles to enhance mobility,
balance and loosen back muscles that stiffen with a sedentary lifestyle and
find that coupled with the spins and transitions, calories burn without
your noticing it.


Zumba Fitness
Thurs, 5:30 pm, MPR College Covered Court


Cardio Aerobics

Thurs, 5:30 pm, PE Dance Studio

Work up a sweat and get your heart rate to levels that help you increase
your metabolism to promote calorie burning without even noticing it through
a fusion of dance routines.


Sign-ups are on a first-come first served basis with a minimal
participation fee. Please proceed to the Office of Health Services at Rm
105 Social Science Building and look for Ms. Kristine Canlas, RN.



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