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The Ateneo-BAP Institute of Banking, the Fund Managers Association of the
Philippines (FMAP), and IFE Management Advisers, Inc. (IFE) have partnered
to launch the first Fund Management Certificate Program (FMCP) in the
country. The program addresses the importance of investing in the
continuing education and professional development of local fund managers by
providing enabling tools to elevate their skills and achieve higher levels
of competency in their jobs. FMAP supports this initiative of bringing
education to become a catalyst for change and development. This is aligned
with FMAP's mission of upholding the interests of the investing public
through the practice of professional fund management in accordance with
global ethical standards and best practices.

*FMCP is a first-of-its-kind program which aims to standardize the minimum
knowledge and skills required for Philippine fixed-income and equity
portfolio managers. *


1. Unique structure of learning by covering important topics that are
missing from typical financial management courses.

2. Advanced curriculum delivered by experienced industry practitioners,
bridging the gap between theory and practice.

3. Critical learning platform grounded upon lecture-based instruction,
case-studies, in-class practice exercises and other learning tools.

4. Course integration activity culminating in a panel presentation where
participants shall demonstrate acquired concepts in an applied setting.

5. Focused and comprehensive medium-term program ideal for time-constrained
working professionals. *READ MORE
In this course, you will:

1. Learn the keystone concepts, theories and practices governing fund

2. Understand the external and intrinsic
factors that impact the risk and return of investment assets

3. Acquire the requisite fundamental and technical tools for investment

4. Think critically about how theory and practice interact in the
real-world setting

5. Apply your learned competencies in
creating a Fund, designing its strategy
and defending your investment outcomes

6. Gain relevant knowledge and skills
that will add value to any financial or
investment role that you will undertake
I.       Learning from the Investment
II.      Macroeconomics
III.     Fixed Income Investments
IV.     Equity Investments
V.      Portfolio Investment
VI.    Technical Analysis
VII.   Behavioral Finance
VIII.  Client Management
IX.    Ethics and Standards
X.     Asset Management Business

FMCP is delivered in 18 sessions and assessed through three (3) written
module tests, a final comprehensive examination, and a graded course
integration activity by group. It is a curriculum-based certificate which
qualified participants shall receive after satisfactory completion of the
coursework and fulfillment of the program's pre-determined criteria.

   - Portfolio Managers and Wealth Advisors
   - Unit Trust Fund and Mutual Fund Managers
   - New Fund Managers
   - Fixed Income and Equity Analysts
   - Insurance, Pre-Need and Other Asset Managers
   - Risk Management, Audit and Compliance Officers
   - Marketing and Operations Officers
   - Institutional Investors with managed funds
   - Individual Investors engaged in personal wealth management
   - Other Investors seeking to learn about fund management

FMCP is designed for fund management professionals and others looking to
transition into a fund management role. It seeks participants with basic
knowledge and understanding of finance and accounting concepts to
facilitate their course learning experience. Individuals from other
academic or professional backgrounds who do not meet this requirement may
still participate in the program but are expected to have such foundational

*October 11 - December 2, 2017*
*Program Fees: *
*Early Eagle Rate/FMAP Member Rate: Php 48,000.00*
*Regular Rate: Php 53,000.00*

*Mr. Marvin Fausto* is the founding president of the Fund Managers
Association of the Philippines (FMAP) and currently sits as Board Adviser
of FMAP, the CFA Society of the Philippines and the Trust Officers
Association of the Philippines. He has been a Governor for several years in
the market governance board representing investors at the Philippine Fixed
Income Exchange. Mr. Fausto is the current Chairman and President of IFE
Management Advisers, Inc. the company behind the design of FMCP.
*                                 CONTACT US*

*      Mr. Matt Mabansag *
     DL: 830.2043 | 09327919190
 *mmabansag at ateneo.ed <mmabansag at ateneo.edu>u*

*     Program Sales Group*
     DL: 830.2050
     Email: *sales.cce at ateneo.edu <sales.cce at ateneo.edu>*

*   The Ateneo CCE offers companies its tradition of service and excellence
through the development of customized programs fit for special
organizational needs. Call us at (02)830-2050
AGSB's Center for Continuing Education (CCE) supplements the degree
programs by addressing issue-specific industry concerns that require
immediate, purposeful, and focused response. AteneoCCE is an industry
resource and partner, doing advocacy on emerging critical issues and
convening interested entities so that together, they can tackle a common
concern. Conscious of its vital role in society, the Center continuously
improves its products and services in a creative, innovative and
trend-setting way to address the changing needs of clients.
Successful Ateneo CCE participants may earn elective units in AGSB MBA
Programs. *

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