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In 1983, Jim Paredes created a historical fantasy musical set in the late
1800s at the fictive book launch of *Noli Me Tangere*. Entitled *Bayani*,
the musical explored perennially relevant themes of patriotism, love,
sacrifice, and heroism through imagined conversations between Rizal and
Bonifacio, Josephine Bracken and Maria Clara—and even Padre Damaso, Kapitan
Tiago, and Dona Victorina! *Bayani* was staged at the Rizal Theater in
Makati as anti-Marcos sentiment was on the rise. Listen to Jim Paredes
speak  on the making and staging of *Bayani*, and how artists can make
heroes from history speak to issues of the present. Then and now, artists
like Jim Paredes staunchly resist dictatorship in its many forms, and
continue to use their art to speak truth to power.

*About the Speaker*
Jaime Ramon "Jim" Paredes is a Filipino musician, producer, educator,
writer, photographer, television personality, workshop facilitator, and
activist. He first gained recognition as part of the Apo Hiking Society
(originally Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society, and later shortened to just
"Apo"), a popular musical group that had its beginnings in the Ateneo de
Manila. Apo was a principal adherent of Original Pilipino Music (OPM), and
contributed significantly to the growth of the local music industry. In the
early 1980s, the Apo Hiking Society openly criticized the Marcos
dictatorship. Jim Paredes's solo work "Handog ng Pilipino sa Mundo" became
an anthem of the bloodless 1986 People Power Revolution, and the lyrics of
his song are embedded on the wall of the EDSA Shrine. He was a mainstay on
television in the 1990s with the shows *Sa Linggo nAPO Sila* and *Tatak
Pilipino*, and *Pinoy Dream Academy* and *Search for the Star in a Million*
in the 2000s. He writes a column "Humming in my Universe" for the
Philippine Star, and maintains a blog "Writing on Air".

He graduated with a degree in AB Communication from the Ateneo de Manila
University and is currently teaching with the Department of Communication.

*The Lib Steps Series*
Prominently displayed on the steps of the main staircase of the Rizal
Library's First Pacific Hall atrium are the influential works by members of
the Ateneo community (students and faculty alike). On the first two steps
are *Noli *and *Fili*, the great works of Jose Rizal, the Ateneo's most
illustrious alumnus. These are followed by landmark books, films, music
albums, and plays.

As part of the celebration of its 50th anniversary, the Rizal Library—in
cooperation with the Loyola Schools Departments of Interdisciplinary
Studies, Communication, and History, and ABS-CBN—presents *The Lib Steps
Series*. A celebration of the works and individuals whose names appear on
the steps of the Rizal Library, *The Lib Steps Series* hopes to inspire the
Ateneans of today through encounters with members of the Ateneo community
who have excelled in knowledge and cultural production.

This lecture on "Musika ng *Bayani*" by Jim Paredes is the second offering
in *The Lib Steps Series*.
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