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Office of the President


Under the supervision of the University President, the Data Protection
Administrator (DPA) is responsible for the adherence of the University to
the Data Privacy Act (RA 10173), its Implementing Rules and Regulations
(IRR), and related laws.  The DPA shall oversee all activities related to
the development and implementation of policies and procedures related to
the said law.

*Job Description:*

1.    Monitors the Personal Information Controller’s (PIC’s) or Personal
Information Processor (PIP's) compliance with the RA 10173, its IRR,
related issuances by the National Privacy Commission and other applicable
laws and policies. For this purpose, the DPA may:

·         Collect information to identify the processing operations,
activities, measures, projects, programs, or systems of the PIC or PIP, and
maintain a record thereof;

·         Analyze and check the compliance of processing activities,
including the issuance of security clearances to and compliance by
third-party service providers;

·         Inform, advise, and issue recommendations to the PIC or PIP;

·         Ascertain renewal of accreditations or certifications necessary
to maintain the required standards in personal data processing; and

·         Advice the PIC or PIP as regards the necessity of executing a
Data Sharing Agreement with third parties, and ensure its compliance with
the law;

·         Develop, review and implement policies, guidelines, projects and/
or programs of the PIC or PIP relating to privacy and data protection, by
adopting a privacy by design approach;

2.    Data Security and Breach Management

·         Conducts Privacy Impact Assessments relative to activities,
measures, projects, programs, or systems of the PIC or PIP;

·         Advices the PIC or PIP regarding complaints and/or the exercise
by data subjects of their rights (e.g., requests for information,
clarifications, rectification or deletion of personal data);

3.    Ensures proper management of data breach and security incident by the
PIC or PIP, including the latter's preparation and submission to the NPC of
reports and other documentation concerning security incidents or data
breaches within the prescribed period;

4.    Informs and cultivates awareness on privacy and data protection
within the organization of the PIC or PIP, including all relevant laws,
rules and regulations and issuances of the NPC;

5.    Serves as the contact person of the PIC or PIP, the NPC and other
authorities in all matters concerning data privacy or security issues or
concerns and the PIC or PIP;

6.    Cooperates, coordinates and seeks advice of the NPC regarding matters
concerning data privacy and security; and

7.    Performs other duties and tasks that may be assigned by the
University President that will further the interest of data privacy and
security and uphold the rights of the data subjects.


·        Lawyer, or with law background is an advantage

·         Bachelor’s degree,  preferably in Management Information Systems,
Information Technology or related course

·         Work experience in an educational setting is an advantage

·         Knowledge in and/or sufficient expertise in relevant privacy or
data protection policies and practices

·         Competencies

o   Data and Information Analysis – analyzing data and information as input
for the formulation of strategic plans, monitoring progress towards goals,
and calibrating programs

o   Change Management – managing resistance to change by involving and
engaging key stakeholders in the process of change

o   Networking and Relationship Management – establishing, developing and
maintaining productive relationship with partners and other stakeholders
over time.

o   Project Management – defining clear goals, formulating and implementing
project plans and evaluating outcomes

o   Attention to Detail/Thoroughness - ensuring that one's own and others'
work and information are complete and accurate

Interested employee must write a letter of intent addressed to their
supervisor/unit head indicating:

·         What you can contribute to the position?

·         Why you want to apply for the position?

·         Why you are qualified for the position?

The endorsed letter of intent attached with the employees’ updated resume
must be submitted on or before 2 June 2017.

Christine L. Velasco

HR Officer I

Workforce Planning and Capability Development

Office of Human Resource Management and Organization Development

*Workforce Planning & Capability Development*
*Office of Human Resource Management & Organization Development*
*4266001 loc. 4158*
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