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MA Literary and Cultural Studies candidate

will defend his thesis entitled "PHILIPPINE SPECULATIVE FICTION: DEFINING A
GENRE," on May 9, 2017 (Tuesday), 10:00 a.m. at English Department Meeting
Room, G/F de la Costa Hall.

Panel of Examiners:

Dr. Jonathan Chua, Department of Interdisciplinary Studies, ADMU

Dr. Ma. Socorro Perez, Department of English, ADMU

Dr. Maria Luisa Reyes, Department of English, ADMU

Thesis Adviser:

Dr. Oscar Campomanes, Department of English, ADMU

The thesis defense is open to the public.

​The project explores Philippine Speculative Fiction and addresses the
question of whether or not it can be considered a genre of literature.
Interestingly, despite the lack of a description of the term, works written
in the said genre have continually been produced. The lack of description,
however, has also raised the question of whether the term is necessary,
given that speculative fiction is initially defined as an umbrella term
covering Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror as its main coverage. The
question extends to ask whether Speculative Fiction would mean anything
without the sub-genres that it contains.

The project aims to present an initial description of Philippine
Speculative Fiction as a genre by looking at 10 stories selected from the
first five years of the Philippine Speculative Fiction anthology series,
the most consistent source of speculative fiction in the country.

Examining these stories using ideas from John Frow and Tzevtan Todorov on
genre, Frederic Jameson on pastiche, as well as Christine Brooke-Rose and
Daimen Broderick on the megatext, the project shows that Philippine
Speculative Fiction can be called a genre because of the common reliance of
all sub-genres (Science Fiction, Fantasy, etc.) on a megatext as its way of
presenting the non-real. In fact, speculative fiction can be seen as a
linkage between seemingly different genres i.e. Science Fiction and
Fantasy, by creating a singular megatext from which both sub-genres can
refer to in the creation of their stories.

Is Philippine Speculative Fiction a literary genre? It is, though a unique
one because of its ability to contain several, seemingly different literary
genres via a common technique, the use of the megatext and pastiche in the
creation of the non-real elements in the stories which participate in the

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