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This Job Vacancy is under the category A of the Employee Referral Program.


Office of Admission and Aid

High School

*Job Summary*

Under the supervision of the Coordinator for Admissions and Scholarship for
the Junior HS and Senior HS, the Administrative Assistant I provides
administrative and other office support services in the day to day
operations of the office.

*Job Responsibilities*

1.     Assists the Coordinator of the OAA in clerical tasks in the office

·         Drafts and types reports and correspondences using available data

·         Maintains office records for ready reference and use

·         Responds to routine inquiries (eg. admission schedules,
requirements and policies etc.) over the phone and from walk-in visitors

·         Maintains stock of office supplies and initiates replenishment if

·         Prepares petty cash vouchers and check requests as needed

2.     Assists the Coordinator of the OAA throughout the admissions
application period

·         Reproduces personal information forms and prepares these for
distribution to the Grade 6 AGS students through the Grade 6 GLC

·         Coordinates with Grade 6 Grade Level Coordinator, Grade 10 Grade
Level Coordinator and parents related to the talk of the OAA Coordinator on
admissions policies and procedures

·         Encodes all the data in the personal information sheets of the
applicants in the program in order to generate reference numbers along with
exam scores and decisions in the program

·         Prepares the decision letters for mailing and coordinates with
the courier service to schedule pick up of letters for mailing

·         Coordinates with the AJHS and ASHS APAA regarding forms and
documents for enrollment, distributes these forms upon applicants’
confirmation of intent to enroll

3.     Provides logistical assistance to the Coordinator of the OAA for the
AJHS and ASHS Entrance Exams

·         Evaluates application forms and accompanying requirements for

·         Prepares and releases the test permits of all the applicants

·         Prepares all necessary materials needed for the exams

·         Coordinates with the AHS FMSO for the reservation of the venue,
facilities, and equipment needed for the entrance exams

·         Coordinates with the supplier for the food of the exam proctors
and other personnel involved in the entrance exams

4.     Facilitates and maintains efficient monitoring system for
applicants’ personal interviews

·         Reproduces interview forms

·         Prepares the applicants’ interview folders

·         Arranges and coordinates with the applicant and Grade 6 GLC the
venue and schedule of the personal interview

5.     Assists the Coordinator of the OAA in matters pertaining to
scholarships and financial aid

·         Receives application for scholarship/financial aid and checks the
accompanying requirements if complete

·         Assists in encoding the data of applicants and grantees in the

·         Assists in preparing decision letters to the financial
aid/scholarship applicants

·         Assists in recording and reporting the academic performance of
scholars to their benefactors at the end of the school year

·         Sends out thank you letters from the scholars to their benefactors

·         Prepares the necessary forms for turning over donations to the
cashier and ensures that official receipts for donations are sent to the
benefactors as well as forms for scholars’ allowances

·         Coordinates the schedules of the members of the Committee on
Scholarships and Financial Aid for committee meetings

·         Arranges for venues and food for committee meetings

6.     Performs other related tasks that may be assigned by the OAA
Coordinator from time to time


-     Graduate of any 4-year course

-      With 3-5 years of work experience

-   Previous work experience in the Ateneo de Manila or familiarity with
the Ateneo de Manila educational system is an advantage

-      Must have good interpersonal skills

-      Proficient in Microsoft Office applications and internet usage

-      Good oral and written communication skills

-      Good command of both English and Filipino languages

-   Must be hardworking, systematic and able to cope well with short
deadlines and significant pressure

-        Has initiative and can work with minimum supervision

*Interested applicants must submit the following:*

*      I.        **Letter of intent addressed to HR Director duly endorsed
by your supervisor, indicating…*

·         *why you want to apply for the position *

·         *why you think you are qualified for the position*

·         *what you can contribute to the office if you were hired in this

*    II.        **Letter of Recommendation from your immediate supervisor
(see attached template).*

*The above stated documents, along with your updated resume, must be
submitted on or before 10 May 2017 to:*

*Christine L. Velasco*

*HR Officer I*

*Workforce Planning and Capability Development*

*              Office of Human Resource Management and Organization
Development     *

*Workforce Planning & Capability Development*
*Office of Human Resource Management & Organization Development*
*4266001 loc. 4158*
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