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Wed Jan 25 15:39:23 PHT 2017

This Job Vacancy is under the Category A of the Employee Referral Program.


Facilities Maintenance and Security Office

Grade School

*Job Summary*

Under the direct supervision of the Facilities Management and Security
Supervisor, the Office Assistant provides support and assistance in the
documentation, processing and coordination of various concerns of the
Ateneo Grade School Facilities Management and Security Office (AGS FMSO).

*Job Responsibilities*

1.     Traffic, Safety and Security Support

·   Receives and reviews transmittal reports and incident reports

·   Receives traffic violation appeals

·   Answers inquiries from parents, students, faculty, staff and visitors
related to traffic, safety and security

·  Receives, checks and verifies the security monthly billing provider
before submitting to the FMSO Supervisor for signature

·  Checks the requirements submitted by parents, pertaining to their sons’
bodyguard, chaperons and drivers

·    Issues gate passes for companions of students with medical condition

·  Issues University gate passes to students who are allowed to leave the
campus on their own and shuttle passes

·    Issues car passes during AGS activities

·  Collates application of vehicle stickers for faculty and staff of AGS
and forwards to CSMO

·  Verifies and issues permits to leave the campus to fetchers of students
without fetcher’s cards

·  Issues work permits to contractors for Grade School projects and
contracted services

·   Issues forms for pet registration during Pet Blessing

· Checks and updates traffic, safety and security signages at the Ateneo
Grade School Campus

2.     School Bus Service Support

·   Issues accreditation forms for School Bus Service

·   Checks the requirements submitted by the accredited school bus operators

·   Assists in the inspection of all the accredited school bus service
before the start of the school year

·   Prepares certification of school bus service upon the approval of the
FMSO Supervisor

·   Prepares and updates the contact numbers and routes of accredited
school bus service operators

·   Conducts quarterly random inspection of all school bus service vehicles

· Checks regularly the attendance of school bus service drivers and
conductors and makes sure they are in the required uniform

·    Answers inquiries about school bus service

·   Provides contacts and other pertinent information about school bus

3.     Lost and Found Support

·  Receives and records in the logbook the lost and found items turned over
to the FMSO

·   Displays lost and found items during PTC days at the AGS lobby

·  Takes care of releasing lost and found items with labels to the
respective grade levels

·  Turns over all unclaimed Lost and Found items to the Campus Ministry
Office and Social Involvement Officeat the end of the school year

4.     Support in the Issuance of Identification Cards

·    Assists in the printing of the IDs of students from Gr. 1 to Gr. 6

·    Prints and issues IDs for the following

a)     Class Parents Representatives (CPRs)

b)    Students’ Bodyguards, Chaperons and Drivers

c)     Club/Activity moderators (externs)

d)    Practicumers

5.     Office and Communication Support

·    Takes down minutes of meeting

·  Prepares, types, collates and files letters, memos to parents faculty
and staff

·    Prepares and reproduces various forms of the AGS FMSO

·   Submits an updated dismissal schedule to CSMO for traffic advisory

·  Coordinates with various AGS offices and units regarding Ateneo Grade
School Activities

·  Coordinates with Grade Level Coordinators (GLCs) regarding schedules and
other pertinent information of students’ educational field trips

·    Coordinates with the GLCs regarding changes in dismissal schedules and
dismissal areas for the different grade levels

·    Keeps updated records of all the fire extinguisher and fire alarms

·    Duplicates, safe keeps and performs inventory of GS facilities keys

6.     Performs other related tasks that may be assigned by immediate


·         Graduate of any 4-year course

·         With at least 2 years of Office work experience preferably in a
school setting

·         With knowledge in secretarial/administrative responsibilities and
records management

·         Proficient in MS Office applications

·         With good oral and written communication skills

·         Team player and customer service oriented

*Interested applicants must submit the following:*

 *                   I.        **Letter of intent addressed to HR Director
duly endorsed by your supervisor, indicating…*

·         *why you want to apply for the position *

·         *why you think you are qualified for the position*

·         *what you can contribute to the office if you were hired in this
position *

 *     II.        **Letter of Recommendation from your immediate supervisor
(see attached template).*

*The above stated documents, along with your updated resume, must be
submitted on or before 02 February 2017 to:*

*Christine L. Velasco*

*HR Officer I*

*Workforce Planning and Capability Development*

*              Office of Human Resource Management and Organization

*Workforce Planning & Capability Development*
*Office of Human Resource Management & Organization Development*
*4266001 loc. 4158*
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