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*Office of Guidance and Counseling*

*Loyola Schools*

*Job Summary:*

Under the supervision of the Director of the Office of Guidance and
Counseling of the Loyola Schools, the School Psychologist provides
diagnostic and psychological support services to the student of the Loyola

*Job Responsibilities:*

*1.    **Diagnostic and Psychological Support Services:*

·         Screens students who may be developing serious psychological problems
with the use of objective personality tests, projective instruments and
personal case history.

·         Conducts the intake interview for students who need
psychological attention
and support.

·         Provides regular counseling and/or other appropriate forms of

·         Undertakes clinical assessment and case analysis, administering
additional clinical tools when needed.

*2.       **Administrative and Coordination Support Services*

·         Handles referrals by the Offices of the Health Services,
Associate Dean for Student and Administrative Services (ADSAS), Associate
Dean for Academic Affairs (ADAA), faculty, and parents especially cases
involving psychological concerns.

·         Coordinates with ADSAS in informing parents or guardians of
students who need close monitoring/supervision.

·         Conducts case conference with the appropriate parties (family or
parents, school administrators, affected parties, other professionals).

·         Makes referrals to and coordinates closely with other
professionals, when needed.

·         May take on 24/7 duties of coordinating emergency calls or be at
the scene as the protocol for emergencies may dictate.

*3.       **Documentation and Evaluation Support Services*

·         Documents counseling cases and ensures the confidentiality of
case details.

·         Evaluates fitness to resume studies of counselees under their
charge who went on leave due to clinically diagnosed syndromes.

·         Prepares the Transfer of Information document (Morphe) for the
signature of the parent or guardian when the need arises.

*4.       **Research and Implementation Support Services*

·         Runs special workshops on topic relevant to the resilience and
mental wellness of students.

·         Conducts research related to special concerns of students, as

·         Conducts Risks assessments and performs crisis intervention.


1.       Licensed/Certified Psychologist

2.       With Masters of Arts in Psychology

3.       With at least five (5) years supervised experience in the practice
of psychology (psychotherapy, research, assessment, design, and
implementation of training/formation modules, development of guidance
materials, and other forms of psychological intervention such as debriefing
and community building).

4.       With advance skills in assessment (administering inkblot and
thematic apperception tests, writing integrated results, giving feedback).

Letter of intent addressed to HR Director duly endorsed by your supervisor,

o   What you can contribute to the position

o   Why you want to apply for the position

o   Why you are qualified for the position

 Letter of Recommendation from your immediate supervisor (see attached

The above stated documents, along with your updated resume, must be
submitted on or before or before
​04 February
6 to:

              Mrs. Mila R. Sandoval

HR Officer II

Workforce Planning and Capability Development

              Office of Human Resource Management and
Organization Development

*Workforce Planning & Capability Development*
*Office of Human Resource Management & Organization Development*
*4266001 loc. 415​6*
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