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Greetings from the Ateneo Graduate School of Business!

On the occasion of our 50th anniversary, we would like to invite you to
attend our Business Leadership Summit entitled "*Kickstart Innovation and
Grow the Nation*", to be held at the Shangri-la at the Fort on 16 March
2017, from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

*Perry Chen*, founder of the groundbreaking *New York-based crowdsourcing
platform*, *Kickstarter*, will be coming to Manila for the very first time
and will deliver a keynote address that will focus on how we can turn ideas
into funded realities, the same way he was able to raise $1.9 Billion to
fund 257,000 projects through crowdfunding.

*Tom Oliver*, *International best-selling author of "Nothing is Impossible"*,
will share with us the same techniques he has taught such business
luminaries as Richard Branson, Bono, the Dalai Lama and Deepak Chopra for
turning their wildest dreams into tangible reality.

Furthermore, we are offering *Ateneo* *Faculty *to attend the event at a
discounted price of *P5,000 ONLY *(at-cost pricing)! Contact us through
(02)830-2050 or email us at forums.gsb at ateneo.edu for ticket bookings and

You may visit www.agsbsummit.com to learn more about the Leadership Summit.
We hope to see you there!

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[image: Header Image] <https://agsbsummit.com/regph/register>

Learn how to create the culture of innovation in your
company and transform both your organization
and society at large.



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*Starting up and growing up for start-ups.* How do you turn your creative
ideas into funded realities? With nothing but an idea, New York artist
Perry Chen worked to create something truly innovative: a crowd-funding
platform that would help people get funding from their own ideas. Thus was
born Kickstarter, now one of the world’s most recognized platforms for
crowd-funding. Hear the story of how Perry Chen worked to raise $1.9
Billion in capital to fund 257,000 projects through crowd-funding. And, in
the process, learn how you can also get your own ideas funded.



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*Innovate your way to success by starting with yourself.* Are you ready to
lose your self-doubt and use the tools you already have to turn your
wildest dreams into tangible reality? Find out how you can uncover the
talents hidden inside yourself, using techniques used by some of the
world’s most successful CEOs. Management author Tom Oliver, a self-made
entrepreneur and coach to many of the world’s notable CEOs,
philanthropists, and entertainers, will share the same secrets he has
shared with Richard Branson, Bono, the Dalai Lama, and Deepak Chopra, so
that you too can realise your own dreams of success.
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JJ ATENCIO – 8990 Holdings Inc.

Chief Executive Officer and President

*Finding gold in the deep broad C.* Real estate developers traditionally
target the AB Market, leaving out the broad C/D market – and the majority
of Filipinos. Learn how 8990 Holdings, through DECA Homes, successfully
focused on low-cost housing for the average Filipino – and reaped the
rewards of targeting an untapped market. Discover how Jesus Atencio
challenged the existing mind-sets in the housing industry and grew his
company to a P34.9 Billion listed corporation in just 12 years.
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YSMAEL BAYSA – Jollibee Foods Corporation

Vice President, Corporate Finance
and Chief Financial Officer

*How small farmers can give big savings.* Today’s supply chains rely on
large companies for cost-efficiencies. So, committing to get supplies from
small, Filipino farmers opens up large risks from quality control to timely
deliveries. But Jollibee saw an opportunity and now sources their vegetable
supplies from small farmers–reaping big savings on their purchases, while
helping Filipino farmers grow. Jollibee CFO Ysmael Baysa will be providing
inspirational ideas on how you too can reduce costs for your own business.
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PAOLO BORROMEO – Ayala Corporation

Group Head, Corporate Strategy and Development

*A new prescription for faster growth.* Ayala Corporation has already
blazed paths of success in industries ranging from banking to
telecommunications. Now it has entered healthcare, with the goal of
providing affordable, quality healthcare to Filipinos. Be part of Ayala’s
journey in this growth industry and uncover the many new opportunities
unfolding in healthcare. Learn why, after 180 years, Ayala decided to
invest its resources back into the industry that was the root of its
success, when it started out as Botica Zobel.
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LAURENCE CUA – Uber Philippines

General Manager

*Sharing success in a sharing economy.* Hear the inside story of how Uber
drove its vision of a sharing economy to fruition, and became the world’s
most valuable start-up. Now worth $70 Billion, Uber has 30 million monthly
users in more than 425 cities. While the logic of a sharing economy is
unassailable, implementing the idea in a bureaucratic environment,
resistant to change, can also prove to be impossible. Find out how Uber
managed its way through the tough regulatory maze of the Philippines – and
allowed Filipinos to be a part of the sharing economy.


Php 10,000 (up to Feb. 28, 2017)


Php 12,000 per participant


Pay for 4, Get 1 Free

For questions, email *forums.gsb at ateneo.edu <forums.gsb at ateneo.edu>*
or contact *(02) 830-2050 and (02) 899-7691 loc 2227 or 2210*

Visit agsbsummit.com
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