[Blueboard] Invitation to a guest lecture: "A worm's eye view of a Toxicogenomic challenge"

Noelyn B. Quintero nbonagua at ateneo.edu
Mon Feb 27 09:15:48 PHT 2017

The Biology Department of the Loyola Schools is organizing a lecture for
February 27 entitled “A worm's eye view of a Toxicogenomic challenge”. The
lecturer is Professor Stephen Sturzenbaum from King’s College London.  We
would like to invite all that are interested to attend said lecture.
Details, abstract, and Professor Stephen’s bio are as follows:

Date and Venue:

February 27, 2017 at CTC 104

Time: 5:00-6:30pm


A worm's eye view of a Toxicogenomic challenge


Some metals are exclusively toxic to biological systems and classified as
being non-essential, others are essential for life. Nevertheless, above
certain threshold concentrations all (including the essential ones) become
toxic. Homeostasis of essential elements and detoxification of
non-essential elements are thus vital drivers of well-being, longevity and
survival. By exploiting genomic, transcriptomic and toxicological tools
within the model nematode *C.elegans* we identified and characterized
intricate pathways that not only form the foundations of metallomics but
facilitate further explorations within the field of nanomaterials.


Professor Stephen Stürzenbaum holds a personal chair in Toxicogenomics at
King's College London and was recently awarded a Senior Doctorate (DSc)
from Cardiff University for his work on “Toxicogenomics on Terrestrial
Worms”. Stephen pioneered the use of molecular genetic tools in the common
earthworm, and in doing so was instrumental in establishing the earthworm
as a sentinel soil macroinvertebrate model organism of environmental
importance. Stephen's second stream of work has focussed on promoting the
use of the more established *C. elegans* model organism to address the
burgeoning themes of metallobiology, toxicogenomics and nanoparticle

We sincerely hope that the Ateneo community will be able to attend.
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