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Fri Aug 11 10:52:41 +08 2017

For sale through sealed bidding (*for Ateneo regular employees only*):

Second hand Furnitures and equipment , stored at the Ateneo School of
Government Building, SDC Complex, Quezon City.  For more details you may
call Mr. Rogelio Praxidio at local 4626.

* 1. All bids must be written in a sheet of paper and must contain the
following:     a. Item no, code number, description of the items for which
the bid is being offered (please see attached list with description);
b. Amount of bid per item*

*    c. Total amount of bid in figures and in word .  In case of
discrepancy the amount in words will prevail;     c. Name of the bidder, ID
number, department and unit; and,     d. Signature *

 2. By tendering a bid, the bidder acknowledges that he/she is bidding on
"as-is-where-is" basis, and certifies that he/she will consummate the bid
process at the allocated time.

 3. Ateneo reserves the right to reject any or all bids without benefit of
reason, waive any defects contained therein and accept the bid found most
reasonable and beneficial to the University.

 4. Ateneo assumes no cost incurred by the bidder in the preparation of the
bid and grants no assurance that an award will be made.

 5. All bids must be submitted to me at the Central Purchasing Office in an
envelope, sealed and signed across the flap.

 6. All bids must be submitted on or before *5:00pm on August 17, 2017*

 7. Bid committee shall be composed of the representative of the following
    a. Central Purchasing Office
    b. Ateneo School of Government
    c. Treasury

Isabel P. Hugo
Central Purchasing Office
Ateneo de Manila University
Tel: 426-6001 local 4137
Fax: 426-6001 local 4134
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