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This Job Vacancy is under the Category A of the Employee Referral Program


School of Medicine and Public Health

*Job Summary*

Under the supervision of the Year Level Coordinators/Laboratory
Coordinator, the *Laboratory Supervisor *coordinates, monitors, and
supervises a team of laboratory technicians. The Laboratory Supervisor
performs regular duties of a laboratory technician. This position assists
the Laboratory Coordinator ensure the smooth and efficient operation of the
laboratories, and the effective upkeep of laboratory facilities and

*Job Responsibilities*

      I.        Supervisorial and Administrative Support Functions

1.     Consolidates the status report of laboratory resources at the end of
each semester and school year

·         Assists the Laboratory Coordinator and Laboratory Faculty in the
preparation of the budget for the laboratories

·         Recommends improvements in the design of the laboratory facilities

2.     Assigns and supervises the day-to-day work schedule and performance
of the laboratory technicians

·         Guides/Trains the laboratory technicians in the day-to-day
operations of the laboratory

     II.        Support for Laboratory Activities

1.     Upon instruction of the faculty members and based on set laboratory
guidelines, prepares laboratory resources (e.g., materials, equipment,
supplies, and specimen) needed by faculty and students for the laboratory
work (e.g. class, experiments, examination)

·         Coordinates with, and assists the faculty members prepare
laboratory materials (e.g. models, dummies), equipment (e.g., apparatus),
supplies (e.g., gauze, gloves), and specimen for the run of the modules

·         Performs specimen and cadaver preservation through cyclic

a.     Scans the cadaver for any decay (e.g. maggots, molds)

b.     Cuts the cadaver using dissection tools, as instructed by the faculty

c.     Cleans the cadavers for dissected tissues, if needed

d.     Measures the solution mix needed for the preservation process

e.     Immerses cadavers, specimens and organs in a mixed solution

·         Issues specimens (mostly slides), chemicals/reagents, and other
laboratory supplies to the students, based on the approved laboratory
guidelines and procedures

2.     Assists the faculty in managing the laboratory work, ensuring the
safety of the laboratory users

·         Assists the faculty in the conduct of laboratory work, from
preparation to clean-up of resources, following precautionary measures to
prevent activity-related injuries and illnesses

·         Assists faculty in the conduct of laboratory examinations as
timers and/or ushering of students from one station to another

    III.        Management of Laboratory Facilities and Resources

1.     Monitors and maintains the physical upkeep of the laboratory
facilities according to set standards, ensuring a safe and secure laboratory

·         Monitors assigned laboratory facility ensuring optimum
performance of its water source features, air ventilation, and alien
utility facilities

·         Regularly monitors and maintains the room temperature and
humidity levels

·         Stores laboratory resources properly

2.     Monitors the procurement, storage, documentation, and use of
laboratory resources are in accordance to process and amount mandated by
the proper authorities(e.g. government agencies, ASMPH, suppliers)

·         Monitors the cleanliness and orderliness of storage areas and
laboratory resources

a.     Conducts general cleaning of the laboratory equipment and
instruments, using the appropriate cleaning materials and methods

b.     Coordinates with proper authorities and/or partners to facilitate
proper disposal of used medical wastes (e.g., used specimen, cadavers,

·         Monitors the inventory, the appropriate level of laboratory
supplies and specimen count, initiates and/or recommends the procurement of
necessary laboratory resources

a.     Monitors the validity/expiration of the specimens and materials

b.     Coordinates with partner hospitals/organization and the Central
Purchasing Office  for the sourcing of laboratory reagents and materials

·         Monitors the availability and proper functioning of laboratory

a.     Performs basic routine and periodic maintenance, troubleshooting of
laboratory equipment, and where necessary, coordinates defective items with
service providers

3.     Consolidates laboratory reports relating to resources, including
incidents of loss, breakage, and malfunction

4.     Sources for the most appropriate laboratory resources (with due
consideration to price, technology, contract terms, etc.), coordinating
with possible suppliers and/or the Central Purchasing Office

    IV.        Performs other duties as may be required from the position

1.     Provides logistical and administrative support for school-wide
events (e.g., school opening ceremony, graduation)


1.     Bachelor’s degree in Biology or Medical Technology or Public Health

2.     Knowledge in Microbiology, Physiology, and Pathology

3.     At least 5 years of relevant work experience in laboratory and
laboratory facility management

4.     Experience in supervising work of other people

5.     Experience working in an academic setting is an advantage

6.     With knowledge, skills and abilities on the following:

·        *Technical Medical Laboratory Skills *– Knowledge of practices,
procedures, and, standards in medical laboratory (e.g. procurement,
preparation, preservation, and disposal of laboratory resources)

·        *Communication Skills* – Ability to articulate tactfully and
sensitively with all types of personalities and predispositions

·        *Service Orientation* – Ability to relate with “customers” well,
responding to clients with appropriate behaviour, balancing urgency with
quality, and actively looks for ways to help “customers”

·        *Organization and Prioritization of Work* – Ability to effectively
plan and coordinate the delivery of required outcomes, according to
importance and urgency; keen to details

·        *Records and Inventory Management* – Ability to coordinate the
storage, accessibility and supply of inventory, maintaining adequate
quantities for current needs without excessive oversupply or loss; ability
to maintain and manage records in an organized manner

·       *Quality Perspective* – Ability to assess the value, quality, and
importance of responsibilities, services, and resources; attending to
details and standards while keeping in mind relevance and contribution to
overall achievement of goals

·      *Judgement and Decision Making* – Ability to consider the
consequences of potential actions to choose the most appropriate one, using
logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative
solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems

·       *Technological Savvy* – Ability to utilize information technology
and computer and internet systems to accomplish tasks; proficient in MS
Office Application

 Interested applicants must submit the following:

      I.        Letter of intent addressed to HR Director duly endorsed by
your supervisor, indicating…

·         why you want to apply for the position

·         why you think you are qualified for the position

·         what you can contribute to the office if you were hired in this

     II.        Letter of Recommendation from your immediate supervisor
(see attached template).

The above stated documents, along with your updated resume, must be
submitted on or before 16 August 2017 to:

Christine L. Velasco

HR Officer I

Workforce Planning and Capability Development

              Office of Human Resource Management and Organization

*Workforce Planning & Capability Development*
*Office of Human Resource Management & Organization Development*
*4266001 loc. 4158*
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