[Blueboard] Department of History Invitation to the "Memory and Martial Law in the Philippines" Public Lecture Series

Bianca Angelien A. Claveria bclaveria at ateneo.edu
Mon Apr 17 08:36:15 +08 2017

The Department of History, together with the Hi 172 elective class of Dr.
Jose Ma. Edito K. Tirol, invites everyone to a series of public lectures on

*"Memory and Martial Law in the Philippines." *

These lectures are open to everyone (students, faculty, staff,
professionals, alumni, and guests from other schools and universities),

and are designed to cover different aspects of the period.

There will be an open forum after each lecture.


​ *Memory and Martial Law *

*Dr. Jose Ma. Edito K. Tirol*

*Department of History, Ateneo de Manila University*

*April 20, 2017 (Thursday)*

*Escaler Hall*

*5:00-6:30 PM*

To say that Martial Law was just another event in Philippine history is an
understatement. From the beginning, it was a deliberately planned takeover
of a democratic government that began with the neutralization of
institutions and individuals that could oppose it. For the next fourteen
years, the economy was plundered, information controlled, and human life
taken for granted by the very agents of the law sworn to protect it. To say
that Martial Law was the action of one man is an understatement. Rather,
Martial Law enabled specific Filipinos and their families to act with
impunity, transforming public resources into private benefit.

The greater tragedy of Martial Law, however, is not the lack of legal
accountability. It is the lack of memory itself. Over thirty years since
the overthrowing of the dictatorship, the place of Martial Law in history,
if not the very facts behind Martial Law, are still being challenged. This
lecture discusses the nature and role of social memory in studying Martial
Law, from how we as a nation have remembered since EDSA, the consequences
of forgetting, and where we need to go today.

*Bianca Angelien Aban Claveria*
MA History
Department of History
Ateneo de Manila University
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