[Blueboard] Lecture on: “EU's Sustainable Development Strategy and its Worldwide Implications”

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Sat Apr 8 11:19:21 PHT 2017

*European Studies Program*

*School of Social Sciences*

*EU 151 (Economics of the European Integration) class invites you to a

*to be given by:*

*Dr. Lia Alexandra Baltador*

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economic Sciences

Department of Management, Marketing, Business Administration

 “Lucian Blaga” University of Sibiu, Romania

*EU Lecture Series #15*

*“EU's Sustainable Development Strategy and its Worldwide Implications”*

17 April 2017, 5:00-6:30 pm

SS Conference Rooms 1-2


The European Union, a political and economic union, consists currently of
28 Member States and aims to bring peace, prosperity and stability for its
citizens. 60 years after the signing of the Treaty of Rome, the European
Union is a pioneer and champion in many fields, such as tackling climate
change, providing assistance to underdeveloped regions and preserving
natural resources. It’s therefore not surprising that sustainable
development, understood as a holistic approach of development, which takes
into consideration all interdependencies between various sub-systems,
represents a core preoccupation. For this purpose, the EU has launched
several strategies, initiatives and programs aimed to “satisfy the needs of
the current generation without compromising the possibility of future
generations to fulfill their own.” According to the motto: “Think global,
act local,” the EU assists its Member States in achieving sustainability,
but is also a global leader in promoting this new approach of development
across the world. The lecture will indicate the progress the EU has made
towards achieving this goal.


Lia Baltador is Assistant Professor at the Department of Management,
Marketing and Business Administration of the “Lucian Blaga” University of
Sibiu, Romania. She holds a Doctoral degree in Economic Sciences and a
Master degree in Management of International Relations and European
Affairs.  Her doctoral thesis tried to connect these two fields, by
considering the new paradigm of sustainable development, with all its
motivations, implications and challenges and linking it to the economic
outcomes. She teaches European Economy, Economic Globalization, and
Intercultural Managerial Communication at the Faculty of Economic Sciences.
She has published several articles in international journals, and has
participated at International Conferences in Denmark, Belgium, U.K.,
Lithuania, Hungary and Republic of Moldova. She gave lectures during the
Summer Schools in Slovenia (Portoroz), China (Beijing/Shanghai) and Spain

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