[Blueboard] Department of History Invitation to the "Memory and Martial Law in the Philippines" Public Lecture Series

Bianca Angelien A. Claveria bclaveria at ateneo.edu
Thu Apr 6 09:46:32 PHT 2017

​ The Department of History, together with the Hi 172 elective class of Dr.
Jose Ma. Edito K. Tirol, invites everyone to a series of public lectures on

*"Memory and Martial Law in the Philippines." *

These lectures are open to everyone (students, faculty, staff,
professionals, alumni, and guests from other schools and universities),

and are designed to cover different aspects of the period.

There will be an open forum after each lecture.


*Linguistics, history, and forgetting: Martial Law and the language of

*Dr. Priscilla Angela T. Cruz*

*Department of English, Ateneo de Manila University*

*April 6, 2017 (Thursday)*

*Ching Tan Room (SOM 111)*

*5:00-6:30 PM*

How can a people be made to forget their past? How can collective memory be
so manipulated that a dark part of history is now perceived as a ‘golden
age’? It is with the process of forgetting that this talk is concerned. In
particular, it explores how language is complicit in the process of
manipulating memory. It comes from the position that “we use language to
build up a picture of the world in which we live” (Halliday, 2004, p. 317).
As such, it argues that the process of collective forgetting occurs in the
very ways by which language is used to ‘build a picture’ of a world that
(re)makes the past in order to serve varying political agendas in the
present. More specifically, it argues that ‘revising’ the past is a matter
of manipulating grammar not as a system of rules but as a system of choices
that can be exploited to express certain meanings as ‘truths’ while
silencing or denigrating others. In examining ‘grammatical sleight of
hand’, how texts and combinations of texts are configured to package the
‘truth’ of a horrific part of history into acceptable ways will also be
discussed. In exploring the role that language plays in manipulating
memory, this lecture can contribute to research on memory but it will also
offer potential ways by which to engage with the present in order to secure
the past.

*Bianca Angelien Aban Claveria*
MA History
Department of History
Ateneo de Manila University
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