[Blueboard] Invitation to the Thesis Defense of Ms. Yomkippur Perez (MS Chemistry)

Gina B. Mamauag gmamauag at ateneo.edu
Tue Apr 4 11:30:49 PHT 2017

The Department of Chemistry

School of Science and Engineering

Invites you to the MS Thesis Defense of

*Ms. Yomkippur V. Perez*

*MS Chemistry*



1.    Ronaldo Fabicon, PhD

2.    Lourdes Guidote, PhD

3.       Jose Mario Diaz, PhD


Gilbert Yu, PhD

*Date:*  18 April 2017

*Time:*  1:30 pm

*Venue*: C205, Schmitt Hall

*Thesis Abstract:*

*Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) represent an extensive class of porous
materials where*

*coordination of metal ions with organic ligands give rise to networks
containing potential voids.*

*In the study, colorless cubic crystals of a ‘green’ cyclodextrin
metal-organic framework (CDMOF)*

*were synthesized and its potential to load bio-active molecules such as
drugs and enzymes was*

*investigated. Busulfan, an anti-cancer drug widely used to treat chronic
myelogenous leukemia*

*was used as test drug while trypsin and lipase were used as model enzymes.
The CDMOFs were*

*prepared by dissolving alkali metal salts and γ-cyclodextrin in water
followed by vapor diffusion*

*in varying solvents (methanol, ethanol, acetone and tetrahydrofuran) for
several days. Crystals*

*were activated via dichloromethane dispersion and in vacuo drying. Slow
vapor diffusion with*

*ethanol was found to give the highest yield and fastest crystallization
time among all the solvents*

*used. CD-MOFs synthesized using ethanol were characterized to be cubic
crystals with sizes*

*ranging from 1000-100µm that are stable up to 250⁰C. Loading of busulfan
(%S) onto the*

*CDMOFs and co-crystallization with trypsin (%N) were both successful as
confirmed by*

*elemental analysis. Loading and release studies of busulfan were also
performed using 1H-NMR*


*Keywords: Metal-organic frameworks, CD-MOF, busulfan*


*[1] Smaldone, R.A. et al. (2010). Metal-Organic Frameworks from Edible
Natural Products.*

*Communications. Angew. Chem, Int. Ed. 49, 8630-8634.*

*[2] Horcajada P, Couvreur P, Serre C, Ben Yahia M, Mauri G, Gref R. 2011.
Porous metal organic*

*framework nanoparticles to address the challenges related to busulfan
encapsulation. Nanomedicine. 6*

*(10), 1683-1695.*

*Gina Mamauag-Buan*

*Chemistry Department*
*Ateneo de Manila University*
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