[Blueboard] Lectures on: "A Monetary History of Europe, the European Monetary System and the Euro" and “The EU Migration Crisis"

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Mon Apr 3 10:00:06 PHT 2017

*European Studies Program*

*School of Social Sciences*

*EU 151 (Economics of the European Integration) class invites you to the
following lectures*

*to be given by:*

*Dr. Lino Briguglio*

Professor, Faculty of Economics, Management & Accountancy

Director, Institute for Islands and Small States

University of Malta

*EU Lecture Series #13*

*"A Monetary History of Europe, the European Monetary System *

*and the Euro"*

4 April 2017, 3:30-5:00 pm

SOM III Ching Tan Room


The presentation explains the factors that led to the euro crisis, why it
has lingered on till the present time and why it is likely to continue for
some time. It will be explained that the euro area crisis was originally
connected with sovereign debt problems, which in turn were associated with
regulatory lax on credit conditions which led to high-risk lending and
borrowing by banks,  real-estate speculation leading to bubbles and lack
fiscal prudence. However in recent years the major threats to the euro area
are slow growth and high unemployment rates.

The presentation also describes the measures that are being taken by the
European Central Bank to stimulate growth and within the EU itself to
strengthen the European and Monetary Union and to create fiscal
harmonization within the 18 members of the Eurozone.

The presentation concludes by referring to some implications of the euro
area developments on the Philippines

*EU Lecture Series #14*

*“The EU Migration Crisis"*

6 April 2017, 3:30-5:00 pm

SOM III Ching Tan Room


In recent years, Europe has experienced a huge influx of immigrants, mostly
from the Middle East and Africa. There are push and pull factors causing
such a large migration inflow into the EU, with the push being civil wars
and terror in the country of origin of the migrants and the pull factor
being the a better quality of life in Europe. The presentation argues that
the problem is multifaceted and associated with humanitarian, political
cultural and economic issues. The humanitarian aspect of the problem would
be reduced if the conflict in the Middle East and Afghanistan could be
solved. This is not likely to happen any time soon, and the migration
inflow is likely to remain a problem in the coming years. This therefore
calls for the strengthening of the capacity of the EU to receive genuine
asylum seekers, expediting the processing procedure. This could also hasten
the absorption of employees into the formal labour force. Integration of
the refugees into the EU labour market would reduce the economic burden of
hosting them in the EU, and could even contribute to economic growth and
pension sustainability. The process of absorbing refugees in the EU is
however difficult due to the growing anti-immigrant sentiments and the
emergence of far-right-wing parties. The paper concludes by arguing that the
assimilation or integration of migrants, primarily through education
and participation
in the labour force, is essential if the migration problem is to be
downscaled in the coming years.


Professor Lino Briguglio possesses a Ph.D. in Economics from the University
of Exeter (UK) and a Special Diploma in Social Studies from the University
of Oxford. He obtained his Honours and Master's degree in Economics from
the University of Malta. He currently directs the Islands and Small States
Insitute of the University of Malta. He was formerly head of the Economics
Department and of the Banking and Finance Department, and director of the
University Gozo Campus of the same University. Professor Briguglio has
acted as consultant to several international organisations including the UN
DESA, UNCTAD, UNDP, UNEP, CARICOM, and the Commonwealth Secretariat.  He
has published various peer-reviewed studies on economic vulnerability,
economic resilience, economic aspects of climate change and other economic

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