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*A Visit to Manila and Its Environs*
By J.A.B Wiselius
Translated by Geert van der Linden
With an introduction by Otto van den Muijzenberg
PHP 310

In 1875 Jacob Adolf Bruno Wiselius, Controller with the Dutch Colonial 
Administration on Java, visited Manila and the neighboring Laguna 
province. Shortly after, he published a book in Holland on his travel 
experience. This travel account is now being translated from the Dutch 
for the first time, 140 years after its original publication. This 
translation is also accompanied by an essay that not only provides 
biographical information on the author but also discusses concurrent 
events in the Dutch Indies to make it clear why Wiselius was interested 
in the topics discussed in the book. Accounts from non-Spanish sources 
that focus on the way the Philippines was ruled in the final decades of 
the Spanish colonial era are rare, and this travelogue is a valuable 
addition to our knowledge of that period.

Colonial Manila 1909-1912: **Three Dutch Travel Accounts*
Translated and edited by Otto Van den Muijzenberg
PHP 585

Around 1910, three Dutch public intellectuals separately visited Manila. 
Feminist doctor Aletta Jacobs, orientalist scholar Gerret Rouffaer, and 
ethnologist Hendrik Muller were all curious to see how the Americans 
were implementing their much-advertised colonial policy of "benevolent 
assimilation." In this book their reports are for the first time made 
available to Philippine readers, thus adding to the social history of 
the city and the country at a time when Americans were strengthening 
their hold over their new colony.

Copies are now available at the Ateneo Press bookshop, online (here 
and here 
and soon in National Bookstore and FullyBooked branches nationwide.

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