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​The latest issue of Ateneo Chinese Studies Program Lecture Series is now
available at http://journals.ateneo.edu/ojs/cspls. We invite you to view the
Table of Contents below and visit the website to read the articles.

*Ateneo Chinese Studies Program Lecture SeriesNo. 3 (2016)Table of Contents*

Communicative Method of Digital Storytelling in Mandarin for 21st Century
Learners (1-27)
        Jane Yugioksing
Culture of the Mixed: A Study on the Contrast and Amalgamation of
Confucianist Principles/Teachings and Filipino Traits Present within the
Attitudes of Chinese-filipino Adolescents (28-55)
        Paulo Simon Yiu
Exploring the Development Trend of Chinese Education in the Tertiary Level
(Philippines) (56-103)
        Daisy Cheng See
Peek into the Future: A Breakdown of the Various Implications of Alphago's
Success over the Traditional Board Game, Go (104-127)
        Paulo Simon Yiu
Environmental Crime in China and the Philippines: A Comparative Study of
their Respective Fisheries Laws (128-148)
        Lucio Blanco Pitlo III

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+632 426-6001 Local 5048
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