[Blueboard] Lecture on EU Eastern Policy by Dr. Alicja Curanović on 6 October 2016

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Wed Oct 5 10:05:19 PHT 2016

The Department of Political Science and The European Studies Program invite
you to

*The Eastern Dimension of the EU Foreign Policy*



Assistant Professor at the Institute of International Relations at the
University of Warsaw

*Thursday, 6 October 2016*

5:00 - 6:30 pm

Escaler Hall

EU’s enlargement to the East is considered one of the most impressive
achievements of the European integration process. The accession of former
socialistic countries strengthened the position of the EU as a “normative
power”, while at the same time it forced the EU to face challenges in the
new neighbourhood (which now includes Russia). The lecture presents an
overview the foundations of EU’s policy towards the so-called New Eastern
Europe and touches on the Ukrainian crisis as a testing moment for the EU’s
eastern policy.


*Alicja Curanović* is Assistant Professor at the Institute of International
Relations at the University of Warsaw. She holds PhD in Political science
(PhD thesis: The Religious Factor in the Foreign Policy of the Russian
Federation). Her main research interests are,*inter alia*, international
relations in the post-Soviet area; Russian foreign policy; religious factor
in international relations; perception, identity, image and status in
politics. She has conducted research *inter alia *at the Columbia
University, Stanford University, the Russian State University for
Humanistic Studies and MGIMO. Her articles appeared in “Politics and
Religion”, “Nationalities Papers” or “Religion, State and Society”. Her
monograph "The Religious Factor in Russia's Foreign Policy" was published
by Routledge in 2012.
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