[Blueboard] New from the University Press: The Politics of Clan Reunions by Gaston P. Kibiten

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Wed Oct 5 08:22:02 PHT 2016

*The Politics of Clan Reunions: Ritual, Kinship, and Cultural 
Transformation among Kankanaeys of Northern Luzon*

Gaston P. Kibiten
PHP 390

This work surveys the social, economic, and cultural contexts that have 
contributed to the recent organization and performance of clan reunions 
among Kankanaey and, conversely, the actions that these kin reunions 
perform in these given settings. Moreover, it considers how members of 
kin groups come together in order to effect integration and solidarity 
among their ranks, while at the same time examining seriously how social 
asymmetries and contestations come to play in these new rituals of kinship.

    This book is not of the headline-grabbing variety. Rather, it is an
    outstanding contribution to the study of social transformations in
    an area of the Philippines which has followed a distinctive
    historical trajectory quite different from that of the rest of
    Luzon. The volume is important for its substantive findings, as well
    as for its methodology. One could expect this work to become an
    important source of inspiration for future scholarship on the
    ~Gerard A. Finin, /The Making of the Igorot/

Available now at the Ateneo Press bookshop, online 
and, soon, in National Bookstore and Fully Booked branches nationwide.

Also new from the University Press:

*Out of the Shadows: Violent Conflict and the Real Economy of Mindanao*
Francisco J. Lara, Jr. and Steven Schoofs, editors
PHP 495

Informal and unregulated economic activities remain an important feature 
of Mindanao's economy. Despite its enduring presence, the informal 
economy has largely been overlooked in the analysis of Mindanao's 
conflict dynamics. As a result, little is understood about the informal 
economy's impact on armed violence, development, and governance. This 
study, which represents the first attempt to incorporate the informal 
economy into the broader analysis of the region, argues that one cannot 
comprehend Mindanao's political and economic challenges, let alone 
address them, unless these shadow economies are scrutinized further.

Also available at the Ateneo Press bookshop, LS Bookstore, and online 
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