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*The Theology Department of the Loyola Schools cordially invites you to an
interdisciplinary colloquium, “Liberation Theology and Catholicism: From
Benedict XVI to Francis” on October 17 from 5 pm to 7 pm at the Natividad
Galang Fajardo Conference Room at the Ground Floor of the De La Costa
Hall. Vatican II has had a strong impact on the theology program of the
Ateneo de Manila. Since 1971, the Ateneo’s theology curriculum has been
greatly influenced by liberation theology, a movement within Catholicism
placing emphasis on the preferential option for the poor. Outside the
university, controversy has surrounded liberation theology over its
perceived influences from Marxist theory. Benedict XVI has been among the
staunchest critics of liberation theology in this respect, especially while
he was still the head of the Vatican's Congregation for the Doctrine of the
Faith under the papacy of John Paul II. Amid the ideological conflicts of
the Cold War, liberation theology became a divisive issue among the
faithful--notably in Latin America. Yet, time's passage has established
more favorable conditions for its treatment within the Catholic Church
especially during the papacy of Francis, whose concerns align with those of
liberation theologians.In this panel discussion, Dr. Emmanuel Yujuico
summarizes the fascinating history of liberation theology from its Latin
American roots, the controversies it has engendered within the Church, and
the global political-economic changes that have shaped its reception before
turning to how differences between Catholic doctrine and liberation
theology are gradually being narrowed as the latter's advocacies have been
"mainstreamed" within the faith. In a wider sense, Pope Francis' current
approach to liberation theology may be indicative of the Church's
future.Dr. Jaime Acevedo from the Theology Department, Dr. Agustin
Rodriguez from the Philosophy Department, and Dr. Philip Arnold Tuano from
the Economics Department will be the panelists, offering commentary from
their particular fields of expertise.------------------Dr. Emmanuel Yujuico
is a visiting lecturer with the Economics department teaching International
Economic Relations and the Comparative Economic Development of East and
Southeast Asia. He is also a research fellow in Southeast Asia
International Affairs at LSE IDEAS, a foreign policy think tank at the
London School of Economics and Political Science.This event is free and
open to the public.*

*RSVP: Send an email to Raphael Yabut, ryabut at ateneo.edu
<ryabut at ateneo.edu>*
*or click here: http://bit.ly/2dGMVw0 <http://bit.ly/2dGMVw0>*



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