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*Project:* Consultancy Services to Manage the KfW-Funded DOF Technical
Consultancy Services to Manage the KfW-Funded DOF Technical Assistance For
Sustainable Revenue Operations and Legal Affairs (Phase II of the Capacity
Development Support Project)
*Location: *SDC Complex, Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Ave. Quezon
*Position: *Policy Expert
*Duration: *July 2016 to March 2017
*Report to: *Dean/ Project Director/ Manager

*Project Description and Objectives*

The initial stages of this Project commenced in April of 2015 – exploring
primarily, an assessment of the Department of Finance (the “Department”)’s
existing status – both operationally and institutionally, as a regulatory
agency.  The function of the Department as the foremost agency charged with
revenue collection and fiscal management had been reviewed and evaluated to
identify 1) issues in existing policies; 2) gaps in these policies; and 3)
provide insight and baselines for the succeeding months and beyond.

Taking off from its past reforms and initiatives, spearheaded by the
Revenue Operations Group of the Department and to prepare the country’s
fiscal position in its transition to the next Administration, this
Department intends to formulate, institutionalize, and manage stronger and
enduring structural and policy reforms relating to tax collection, resource
mobility, and public sector debt for long-term sustainability of revenue
collection. In such a case, the initial phase provided for a basic
framework for monitoring and evaluation of reforms and a transitional plan
which shall aid the next leadership.  This is to ensure that the laid out
plans of the previous administration shall be carried out by its successor.

Thus, in pursuance of its mandate and long-term objectives and the passage
of the Customs Modernization and Tariff Act (CMTA) and the amendment of the
Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Securities Regulation Code
(IRR-SRC), the Department, through this Project, will receive further
technical assistance and policy expertise in areas of financial regulation
and trade facilitation to continue the initiated reforms from the past
several years, implement and sustain them.

Hence, vital to this policy formulation role of the Department is the
commencement of enforcing the CMTA.  The Project shall help develop
guidelines, i.e., implementing rules and regulations and other
industry-particular polices to institutionalize systemic changes cured by
the new legislation.  Thus, the Project shall 1) initiate efforts in
developing policy crucial to the CMTA; 2) provide aid in enforcement
governance mechanisms for the said law; and 3) present feasible solutions
to make it more consistent with other existing laws and regulations. A
thorough review of the overall conditions of the revenue collection and
public financing management of the Department (and the country as well)
proves to be significant.

*Scope of Work*

1. Examine and dissect existing laws, regulations, and policies relative to
the Government’s revenue operations (internal revenue and customs), in
particular, but is not limited to the CMTA;
2. Enhance the existing policies/systems to prepare the subsequent
Administration in revenue operations and collection process;
3. Discuss and coordinate with relevant personnel and officials the issues
of existing policy and governance models, in relation to the CMTA;
4. Implement the old and new policies which are applicable and consistent
with the reforms made during the past administration, notwithstanding its
sustainability in the long-term and adaptability to the modern market
5. Intensify ROLAG’s capacity, through expert technical assistance, to
undertake and sustain the new changes spearheaded in the reform programs;
6. Provide technical expertise in the Department’s and its attached
agencies’ reform initiatives to build capacity and develop long-term
institutional change;
7. Provide strategic communications support as may be required for the
attainment of the ROLAG’s every day operations;
8. Provide an adequate platform for technical, procedural, and
administrative expertise for the interoperability of trade facilitation
among the different stakeholders, to ensure that revenue collection and
growth is efficient and sustainable in the long run;
9. Perform such other functions as may be assigned by the Dean and his
authorized representative similar to, and related to the functions
enumerated above.


The Policy Expert must have the following qualifications:

   - A graduate of law (Juris Doctor or Bachelor of Laws) from a reputable
   law school;
   - A first degree of finance, economics, business, or any related field
   is an advantage;
   - 2-6 years of  experience in  case handling or legal advocacy  in a law
   firm or public office setting;
   - Previous work  in the areas of litigation, tax or customs practice,
   due diligence, financial forensics, and good governance advocacy;
   - Reform-oriented and has a zero tolerance attitude towards corrupt
   - Has excellent organizational, oral, and written communication skills;
   - Capable of rapidly working in groups and in dealing with sensitive

*Requirements for Application*

For interested applicants, please submit:

   - An application letter addressed to: Dr. Ronald U. Mendoza, Dean of
   Ateneo School of Government.
   - Curriculum Vitae with three professional work references (including
   their emails and contact numbers).

Please submit the required documents via e-mail to hr.asog at gmail.com  with
“Applicant- Policy Expert- ROLAG” as subject.

Deadline for the submission of applications is on *29 July 2016*.

Dionie J. Salamat
Ateneo School of Government
Tel: 426.6001 loc 4639
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