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This Job Vacancy is under the Category B of the Employee Referral Program

*Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, Office of Facilities & Sustainability

Office of Facilities and Sustainability

*Job Summary:*

Under the supervision of the Director of the Office of Facilities and
Sustainability (OFS) of Loyola Schools, the *Facilities Maintenance
Supervisor *is responsible for monitoring and supervising the general
upkeep, maintenance and improvement of all facilities and utilities under
the jurisdiction of the Office of Facilities and Sustainability.

*Job Responsibilities:*

I.  Management of Repair/Replacement Service and Preventive Maintenance

·  Ensures that established operational standards and procedures for the
repair and regular maintenance of facilities, utilities, and equipment
relevant to grounds and building operations are implemented.

o   Repairs and Replacement Service

§ Oversees the Loyola Schools job order requests, and daily facilities
report (DFR) generated by LS Security for minor repair and replacement works

§ Inspects and evaluates the physical condition of requests and reports to
determine the type of work required

o   Preventive Maintenance Program

§ Plans and prepares the required scope of work for preventive maintenance
procedures and, recommends the schedule and frequency of the corresponding
services, either by in-house personnel or by outsourced groups

§  Inspects and audits all installed MEPF equipment and all building
fixtures and fittings to ensure their optimum performance on a regular basis

·    Evaluates effectiveness and efficiency of current systems and
procedures, and recommends improvements

o  Gives feedback on the effectiveness of currently implemented systems and

o Attends to concerns and complaints relating to furniture and fixtures,
plumbing & sanitary[3]
fire protection[4]
systems (MEPF), communications systems[5]
installations, and landscaping and grounds structures

o  Investigates complaints and takes corrective action, as necessary

·     Assists in the identification of supplies & maintenance and repairs
needs, to be used as basis in the preparation of the corresponding budgets

·     Maintains required records of services, costs and expenses, as basis
for repairs and reference for future equipment, service, and budget planning

II.      Management of Organic Personnel and Outsourced Services

·     Plans and prepares work schedules, assignments, and scope of work

·    Maintains required records of employee work hours, and other pertinent

·     Organic Personnel (Utility Maintenance Staff)

o Directs, supervises, and monitors the attendance and work performance of
the utility personnel

o Conducts regular inspection of employee’s work performance to ensure that
it meets required specifications and standards for safe and sound

o   Guides the staff in resolving performance challenges

o  Guides the staff in the proper implementation of work policies and
procedures, as well as the efficient use and maintenance of equipment and

o  Evaluates employee performance and recommends corresponding personnel
actions such as promotions, transfers, and dismissal

·     Outsourced Services

o  Monitors the implementation of work methods and procedures by outsourced
contractors and ensures compliance to basic trade standards/policies and to
University policies

III.     Management of Facilities Supplies and Equipment

·   Monitors the issuance of supplies and equipment to utility maintenance

·   Conducts regular audit of supplies & equipment inventory as basis for
forecasting the required amounts/numbers to ensure that stock of both is
adequate at all times and to facilitate effective scheduling of orders.

IV.  Performs other duties as may be required from the position, in
accordance with the instructions of the Office of Facilities and
Sustainability Director


·   Bachelor’s degree in Architecture or Engineering (preferably Mechanical
or Electrical Engineering)

·         Licensed Architect or Engineer

·    At least three (3) years of exposure and continuous technical
experience in architectural, interior and structural design, construction
and property management

·         With knowledge abilities and skills on the following:

o Technical Skills—Ability to understand, operate, and troubleshoot simple
to moderately complex MEPF building systems and installations; identifying
and mitigating possible risks

o  Project Management — Ability to define clear goals, formulating and
implementing project plans and evaluating outcomes; identifying and
managing risks; engaging service providers and being able to monitor their
performance and deliverables based on agreed standards

o   Organization and Prioritization of Work — Ability to effectively plan
and coordinate the delivery of required outcomes*, *according to importance
and urgency; keen to details

o Quality Perspective — Ability to assess the value, quality and importance
of responsibilities, services, supplies and human resources; attending to
details and standards while keeping in mind relevance and contribution to
overall achievement of goals

o Service Orientation — Actively looking for ways to help people, balancing
urgency with quality; Ability to relate with “customer” well  - pleasing,
warm, patient and respectful in dealing with people

o  Coordination Skills — Ability to proactively coordinate, mediate, and
manage actions in relation to others

o   Critical Thinking and Problem Solving — Ability to identify an issue or
problem, framing it as a specific question to get into the root of the
problem, and evaluating information relevant to the question, then
integrating information to develop a solution.

o  Communication Skills — Ability to utilize different media directed at
different audiences/stakeholders

o  Leadership skills — Ability to confidently lead and influence others

o  People Management — Ability to assess current and future staffing needs
based on organizational goals and budget realities. Using merit principles
to ensure staff are appropriately selected, developed, utilized, appraised,
and rewarded; takes corrective action for erring staff.

Interested employee must write a letter of intent addressed to their
supervisor/unit head indicating:

1.       What you can contribute to the position?

2.       Why you want to apply for the position?

3.       Why you are qualified for the position?

The endorsed letter of intent attached with the employees’ updated resume
must be submitted on or before 27 July 2016.

Christine L. Velasco

HR Officer I

Workforce Planning and Capability Development

Office of Human Resource Management and Organization Development


Mechanical system –Water pumps, booster pumps, elevators, sprinkler system,
fire hose cabinets, and air conditioners

Electrical system – Bulbs (lighting), generator set, electrical rooms, fans
(electric, ceiling, exhaust), electrical system and sub-metering program

Plumbing & sanitary system – Drinking fountains, water supply, faucets,
urinals, water closet, and lavatory

Fire protection system – Fire alarm, smoke detectors, fire alarm control
panels, fire pumps maintenance program

Communication system – telephones, data system, and radios

*OHRMOD - Care, service and solutions @ work*

*Workforce Planning & Capability Development*
*Office of Human Resource Management & Organization Development*
*4266001 loc. 4158*
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