[Blueboard] Ateneo Email Reminders

IT Resource Management Office [ITRMO] itrmo at ateneo.edu
Tue Jul 5 10:15:42 PHT 2016

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Memo to              :               Ateneo.edu Email Users

Subject                 :               Ateneo Email Reminders

Good day!

Many of you may have received an email that looked like it had come from
Ateneo de Manila University, but with a non-Ateneo email address. At first
glance, this email looks like it was legitimately sent by Ateneo. Please be
aware that this is a phishing email, a malicious email that will attempt to
get your personal details, such as your name, username, and password.

The sample email is shown below, with suspicious markers indicated for your

[image: Inline image 2]

A bogus Google login page looks like this:

[image: Inline image 3]

Please be reminded that Ateneo de Manila University *WILL NEVER* ask you
for your passwords via email or a website that is not owned by AdMU nor
security-signed. Also, Ateneo email accounts currently have unlimited space
and will not exceed email quota. Ateneo de Manila University accounts that
have been suspended may reinstated only by authorized ITRMO account
administrators. If your account has been suspended, please visit or call
the ITRMO office to have it reinstated.

If you had replied to the phishing email with the requested information, please
change your passwords immediately via https://mail.ateneo.edu/portal/. This
is only applicable to those with Ateneo.edu email accounts. If you use the
same password in other accounts, we strongly suggest that you change that
as well.

We also advise that you update your computer’s antivirus software and scan
your computer for viruses and other malware on a regular basis and update
your computer’s operating system as well.

For your information and guidance.

IT Resource Management Office
Faber Hall Rm. 311
426-6001 local 4185
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