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Mon Feb 29 15:26:28 PHT 2016

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

cordially invites you to the launch


Antonio G. Sempio's

*The Golden Dagger*

*(Ang Punyal na Ginto)*

De La Salle Publishing House


Macario Pineda's

*Love in the Rice Fields and Other Short Stories*

*(Suyuan sa Tubigan at Ibang Kuwento)*

Anvil Publishing Inc.

  Translated by

Soledad S. Reyes


Friday, 4 March 2016

5:00 pm

Natividad Galang Fajardo Conference Room

G/F De La Costa Hall

Ateneo de Manila University

 RSVP 4266001 loc. 5340/5341

*The Golden Dagger* revolves around Dalisay, a beautiful woman from the
barrio, and the interconnected series of tragedies that befall her. The
novel depicts her slow but almost inexorable descent into madness as she
loses her sweetheart, her only means of livelihood, her mother, and her son
due to the machinations of Don Sergio, the powerful father of her faithless
sweetheart. She seeks to exact revenge but is eventually defeated by the
conspiracy of forces around her. This novel is a gritty delineation of love
determined by insidious sociopolitical forces reflective of the tensions in
Philippine society in the 1930s.

*Antonio Sempio *(1891–1943) was a prolific novelist and a member of Ilaw
at Panitik, an organization of Tagalog writers. His first novel, Ilaw at
Panitik, was published in 1919. It was followed by other novels such as
Selia Makaraig (1929), Anak Dalita (1933), Dasalang Perlas (1936), and
Bituing Naglaho (1937), to name a few. His Ang Punyal na Ginto (1933) was
the basis of the first “talkie” in the history of Philippine movies. His
Nayong Manggawa (1939) won honorable mention in the Commonwealth Literary
Contest. He also wrote scripts for the movies and eventually became a film
director. Antonio G. Sempio was a lawyer by profession who found in
literature an instrument to deal with the burning sociopolitical issues of
prewar Philippines.

*Love in the Rice Fields and Other Short Stories*

The twelve stories in this anthology are some of the most riveting
narratives penned by Macario Pineda in a writing career that lasted for
less than two decades. Retold in English by Dr. Soledad S. Reyes, Macario
Pineda’s Love in the Rice Fields and Other Short Stories offer readers a
series of scenes in which various characters come alive in their respective
journeys through life's various stages—the idyllic innocence of youth, the
pleasure and agony of young love, the disillusionment of old age, and the
experience of death. Each story slowly leads its characters to an epiphany,
for example, of the unconditional nature of a mother’s love, of war and its
evils, of death and what possibly transpires after.

In this collection of short stories, Pineda is the consummate chronicler of
the barrio, a gentle historian, a masterful painter, a great Filipino
artist who painstakingly depicted the varied aspects of the past he
loved—an age slowly disappearing from the consciousness of most Filipinos
in a world slowly deteriorating due to colonialism and its aftermath.

*Macario G. Pineda* (1912 – 1950) was born in Malolos, Bulacan, on April
10, 1912. Pineda started his writing career in the 1930s, when his short
stories in English were published in *Graphic *magazine. His short story
“Suyuan sa Tubigan” (appearing in the book as “Love in the Rice Fields”)
won second prize in *Liwayway*’s 1943 literary contest—and since that year,
Macario Pineda became known as a prolific Tagalog writer. Pineda died on
August 2, 1950 at the age of 38.

His other works include novels *Halina sa Ating Bukas *(1945),* Ang Ginto
sa Makiling *(1947),* Magat *(1948)* and Isang Milyong Piso*(1950); a
weekly column, “Sabi ni Ingkong Terong”; radio scripts for DZPI; and many
literary pieces in weekly magazines such as *Liwayway, Aliwan, Malaya,
Daigdig , *and *Sinag-Tala*.

*Soledad S. Reyes*, Professor Emeritus at the Ateneo de Manila University,
has published extensively on various genres—the novel, the short story,
criticism, and the komiks.  For the past few years, she has been
translating Tagalog novels/short stories into English as a way for the
texts to reach a wider audience.  Her translation, *What Now Ricky?*,
received the A. L. Becker Southeast Asian Literature in Translation Prize
for 2016 from the Southeast Asian Council (SEAC) of the Association for
Asian Studies.

Department of Interdisciplinary Studies
School of Humanities
2/F De La Costa Hall
Ateneo de Manila University
Loyola Heights, Quezon City
4266001 loc. 5340/5341

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