[Blueboard] Invitation to a Professorial Lecture on "60 new species in the Philippines - discoveries of freshwater insects and crabs from a decade of taxonomic work" by Dr. Hendrik Freitag

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The Office of the Associate Dean for Research and Creative Work and the
University Research Council invite you to

"60 new species from the Philippines - discoveries of freshwater insects
and crabs from a decade of taxonomic work"

Professorial Lecture by Dr. Hendrik Freitag

23 February 2016, 5:00PM - 6:30PM
Faber Hall, Ground Floor

The lecturer has been working on Philippine freshwater invertebrates for
more than 15 years. All started when he conducted field work as PhD
student associated with the Western Philippine University in Palawan.
Several aquatic biodiversity field studies and conservation projects were
headed by him since then, up to the current CHED-funded research activities
in Mindoro.

Within the last decade, one main focus was insect and crustacean taxonomy,
a branch of biology that classifies, names and describes species. This
involves responsible collection of organisms in the wild, as well as the
comparative study of voucher specimens deposited in scientific

60 new species of water beetles, water bugs, mayflies, caddisflies and
freshwater crabs were discovered, scientifically described and named by
Freitag and his coauthors alone from the Philippines since 2004. Some of
them attracted the interest of national and international media, among them
the Purple Palawan River Crabs, the curious Spider Water Beetles, or the
minute Hydraena ateneo from the AdMU campus. Identification keys have been
generated for these organisms and their previously unknown larval life
stages, along with DNA barcodes. This can make them useful for applied
studies. Some are suitable as bioindicator species, since they are
restricted to undisturbed areas or good water quality. The impact of
various environmental factors on several groups of these invertebrates is
currently investigated by Freitag’s thesis students. This should serve as a
stepping stone to develop a Philippine bio-indicator system for natural

***Hendrik Freitag is an Associate Professor and the research coordinator
of the Department of Biology of the Ateneo de Manila University. He
obtained his Doctor of Natural Science from the Martin Luther University of
Halle, Germany. Since that time his research focused mainly on Philippine
freshwater arthropods. During subsequent Post-Doc fellowships at the
Natural History Museum of Vienna, Austria and the Senckenberg Museum of
Zoology Dresden, Germany he initiated and managed the AQUA Palawana
Research Program and worked as visiting research fellow and lecturer at the
Western Philippine University. Dr. Freitag received research grants to
visit various research institutions in Asia and Europe and has authored
numerous taxonomic and ecological publications including the scientific
description of more than 60 new species.

This event is made possible with the support of the Office of the
President, School of Science and Engineering, the Department of Biology,
and the Rizal Library.

This event is open to the public and admission is free. Light refreshments
will be served. Please confirm your attendance thru https://goo.gl/XyqDh4.

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