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Join Professor Godfrey as he explores the different movements that have
emerged since the 1960s, the artists that have defined these movements and
the different art forms that are currently seen in exhibitions, art fairs
and biennials.

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*OTHER: ZÓBEL AND SANSÓ | Fernando Zóbel & Juvenal Sansó10 February 2016
- 28 May 2016*
There are lots of similarities between the artists Fernando Zóbel and
Juvenal Sansó.  Aside from being both Spanish nationals who in part lived
and practiced their art in the Philippines and internationally from the
early 1950s onward, they have both donated their personal collections which
later ended up as the core collections of two private museums.  Because of
they exhibit in many countries and because they draw inspiration locally
and from abroad, their works exemplify the borderlessness of art and put to
question nationality and nationalism in Philippine art.  Both reknowned
painters, they are also both adept printmakers.

*OCTOROON l **Peta Clancy & Helen Pynor, Bindi Cole Chocka and Steven Rhall*
*25 January 2016 - 26 March 2016*

As we enter a new decade of partnership with LUMA | La Trobe University
Museum of Art , the Ateneo Art Gallery (AAG) presents an exhibition of
contemporary Australian art featuring three video and photographic
installations dealing with issues of identity and representation from the
Indigenous perspective.

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*IDIOPA**THIC HUES l **The Modernists' Color **Palette: Selections from the
Permanent Collection*
*15 August 2015 - 31 May 2016*

Modern artists began with the assumption that color and shape formed the
essential characteristics of art. Color, as perceived visually, is
experiential and relies heavily on and is influenced by a specific
environment. Thus, a distinct color palette became evident from the works
of the second wave of Philippine Modernists – the Philippine Art Gallery
(PAG) Neo-Realists – to the early Abstractionists.

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*A CHILD'S MEMORY | Anton del Castilo*

Anton del Castillo’s *A Child's Memory* takes upon the dialectics of
memory, gender, and transforming or transformative spaces. Jackstones, a
skill-developing toy and a handful of which can fit in the palm of a child,
are rendered into oversized, metallic sculptures— what seems to be a
mundane toy is turned into a whimsical and dream-like object, calling to
mind such stories as *Alice in Wonderland*.

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