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The European Studies Program invites you to EU Lecture Series #4

*Philippine Competition Law*

to be given by:

*Atty. Anthony A. Abad*
Partner at Abad Alcantara Acero Law
CEO and Managing Director of TradeAdvisors

*Thursday, 18 February 2016*
8:00 - 9:30 am, SS Conference Rms. 1-2

The purpose of this talk is to discuss the provisions of the Philippine
Competition Act and to further understand the place of competition policy
and law in a free market economy. It is to gain familiarity of the key
concepts underlying competition laws and actionable conduct, formulate
strategies to use competition as a tool for economic development.

Competition law refers to the framework of rules and regulations designed
to foster the competitive environment in a national economy.  It is
intended to promote a more competitive environment as well as enactments
designed to prevent a reduction in competition. In the Philippines, there
have been several competition/anti-trust related laws. On July 28, 2015,
President Benigno S. Aquino III signed into force, The Philippine
Competition Act or Republic Act 10667. The Act provides for a national
competition policy which defines, prohibits and penalizes three types of
anti-competitive conduct: anti-competitive agreements, abuse of dominant
position, and anti-competitive mergers and acquisitions. It also creates
the Philippine Competition Commission (PCC), whose mandate is to enforce
the provisions of the Act. It will have the authority to conduct inquiries
or investigations and to hear and decide cases involving violations of the
Act. The Act seeks to (i) enhance economic efficiency and promote free and
fair competition in trade, industry and all commercial activities; (ii)
prevent economic concentration that will control production, distribution
or trade, which will unduly stifle competition or lessen, manipulate or
construct the discipline of free markets; and (iii) penalize all forms of
anti-competitive conduct with the object of protecting consumer welfare and
advancing domestic and international trade and economic development.

*Resource Speaker:*Atty. Abad is a Partner at Abad Alcantara Acero Law and
is CEO and Managing Director of TradeAdvisors. As an international trade
lawyer and competition policy and law expert, Atty. Abad provides technical
advice and assistance to corporations, international organizations, and
government and academic institutions on matters of international trade
policy and regulation, competition law and policy, and economic
integration. He has been a staunch advocate of competition policy and law
in the last 2 decades and was instrumental in the passage of the Philippine
Competition Act.

Caissa C. Lopez
Office Staff
European Studies Program
4266001 loc 5238
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