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Gene Audrey B. Arayata garayata at ateneo.edu
Thu Feb 11 16:08:56 PHT 2016


I work for Bootleg Innovation Design, a customer-centered and
creativity-based firm that helps organizations create impactful
improvements. We find new ways to serve people by uncovering their latent
needs and behaviors. We conceptualize new and creative strategies based on
these identified human behaviors in order to help companies create
products, services, experiences and programs that are effective and

Our current client wants us to study the fashion industry in the
Philippines and part of the study is interviewing customers of popular
fashion brands. The interview will be conducted by our licensed
psychologist. An interview lasts for two hours and it will be conducted in
Partnership Center, 59 Salvador Street, Varsity Hills, Katipunan, Quezon
City. All contents of the interview will remain confidential and
respondents shall remain anonymous. In addition, all respondents shall
receive a *gift certificate amounting to Php 1,000* for a fashion brand.

If you or anyone you know is either *aged 18-22 years old or 35-45 years
old* and is a *loyalist** of one of the following brands, you or the person
you know fits one of the profiles for our study:

1.    1. Bench

2.    2. Cotton On

3.    3. F&H

4.    4. Gap

5.    5. Giordano

6.   6.  H&M

7.    7. Penshoppe

8.    8. Uniqlo

9.    9. Zara

** A loyalist is someone whose wardrobe is 60% Bench, Cotton On, F&H, or
any of the brands in the list.*

Should you be interested in participating in our study, please sign-up in
this link: http://bit.ly/bootlegsurveyforclothing

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to
contact me through garayata at ateneo.edu

Thank you,
Gene Audrey B. Arayata
Business Development Officer
Ateneo Business Resource Center
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