[Blueboard] SGRA 20th Sustainable Shared Growth Seminar: Human Ecology and Sustainable Shared Growth

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Tue Feb 2 14:25:19 PHT 2016

*The Sekiguchi Global Research Association (SGRA), *

in cooperation with the Department of Economics and

the Global Flows and other Economic Issues Research Cluster

of the School of Social Sciences of Ateneo de Manila University,
invites you to

 *SGRA 20th Sustainable Shared Growth Seminar: *

*Human Ecology and Sustainable Shared Growth*

*on February 10, 2016, Wednesday, 8:20 am to 12:40 pm*,

at the Escaler Hall, Ateneo de Manila University

Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Human ecology is the study of the relationship of man with his natural,
social, and built environments. As the global market economy sweeps across
the world, Southeast nations drive their economic development to remarkable

However, social gaps have widened, environmental damage has relentlessly
advanced, and human right violations, regional/ethnic conflicts have fallen
into a deadlock. In the process of forming nation-states after being freed
form the yoke of colonial domination, Southeast nations, especially the
Philippines, which have become mired in the middle-income trap, have
struggled to integrate their diverse ethnicities, religions, and culture,
and have expressed criticism and resistance, based on religious and moral
values, to the changes in the social environment under globalization.

In a recent encyclical, the Catholic Church has sternly criticized the
widening of the disparity in wealth and the destruction of the environment,
calling for social justice and restoration of ethics. The encyclical raises
the concept of human ecology. This seminar hopes to be a first step towards
understanding the meaning and significance of this key concept.

* Program*




0820 - 0900

 *Opening Ceremony *

            Philippine National Anthem

                 Welcome Remarks

Ø Dr. Fernando Aldaba, Dean of the School of

Social Sciences, Ateneo de Manila University

Ø Ms. Junko Imanishi, Chief Representative of Sekiguchi Global Research

0900 - 0925

Conceptions of Environment & Coexistence According to the Spanish
Philosopher Leonardo Polo: Implications for Sustainability Education

Dr. Aliza Racelis (University of the Philippines)

0925 - 0950

Metro Manila Urban Planning for Disaster-Resiliency and Sustainability

Arch/EnP. Sylvia Clemente (University of Sto. Tomas)

0950 - 1015

An Assessment of the Relationship of Urban Decay and Poverty Indicators in
the Old Reclamation Area of Pasay City

Arch. Regina Billiones

1015 - 1040

*Pedped *Smoking Among the Major Ethnic Tribes in Benguet, Philippines

Ms. Girlie Gayle Toribio (Benguet State University)

1040 - 1055


1055 - 1120

Estimating Households’ Use and Non-Use Benefits from the Cagayan de Oro
River Basin Using Contingent Valuation

Dr. Rosalina Palanca-Tan (ADMU), Ms. Marichu Obedencio, and Ms.

Caroline Serenas (Xavier University -- Ateneo de Cagayan)

1120 - 1145

Biological Magnification: The Tragedy of Plastic Waste

EnP. Grace Sapuay (Solid Waste Management Association of the Philippines)

1145 - 1210

Understanding Climate Change

To be arranged by Arch.


1210 - 1235

Beyond the Spanish Colonial Capitalism and Evangelism, Towards Valuing the
Legacy of Heritage Churches in the Philippines

Arch Mynn Alfonso (University of Sto Tomas)

12:35 -12:40

Presentation Closing Remarks

Dr. Cristina M. Bautista, Chair, Economics Department, Ateneo de Manila
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