[Blueboard] Updates to the Loyola Schools Academic Calendar, 13 December 2016

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Tue Dec 13 11:11:23 PHT 2016

The updated Loyola Schools Academic Calendar for SY 2016-2017 may be viewed
online at: http://bit.ly/LSCalendar_13dec2016

It may also be viewed on Google Drive:


For questions, corrections, or additions, please get in touch with Milet
Tendero (mtendero at ateneo.edu) of the Office of the Vice President for the
Loyola Schools.

Updates (new events and deadlines, and changes in dates, times, or venues
for existing entries ) are as follows:


18 (Sat)

SOSE Open House (8:00 AM-5:00 PM, CTC 413/414 for plenary; break-out rooms
– CTC 413 & 414, Faber Hall 101 & 302, Ch 109, Soc. Sci. Conf. Rms. 1&2,

MARCH 2017

20 (Mon)

SOSE 2nd Semester Faculty Colloquium (5:00-6:30 PM, CTC 413)

APRIL 2017

18 (Tue)

BPI Awarding ceremonies in Ateneo (2:00 PM, Faber Hall 101)

MAY 2017

2 (Tue)

SOSE Research Awards Poster Presentation (3:00-7:00 PM, CTC 413/414)

3 (Wed)

SOSE Research Awards Oral Presentation (4:00-7:00 PM, CTC 413-Undergrad
Finalists, & CTC 414-Graduate Finalists)

5 (Fri)

Interlinks 12.0 (9:00 AM-5:00 PM, CTC 413/414)

5 (Fri)

SOSE Research Awarding Ceremonies (5:30-8:30 PM, CTC 413/414)

24 (Wed)

SOSE Recognition Program for Distinguished Students (4:00-5:30 PM, Escaler
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