[Blueboard] Remembering Martial Law

Cristina J. Montiel cmontiel at ateneo.edu
Tue Sep 15 08:44:58 PHT 2015

Dear Friends in the Ateneo Community,

As we approach September 21 - the day when President Marcos declared
martial law in the Philippines in 1972 - we may want to share with our
younger student generation what really happened during that historical
black hole, up close and personal.

Kindly feel free to use this article in any way you want. It is a
first-person narrative of what I went through during those days. The story
can find its place not only in social science classes, but also in the
humanities, as it contains poetry, art, reflections on liberation theology,
and references to some Jesuit institutions.

The article is about "Multilayered Trauma During Democratic Transition: A
Woman’s First-Person Narrative". Just in case the url below doesn't work,
the full paper can be accessed through Ateneo's Ebsco.


May we all remember martial law as it really happened, not as current-day
Marcosian politicians want to reconstruct our collective memories of our
country's sordid past.

May we continue to enjoy the fruits of a hard-earned democracy.


Cristina Montiel, PhD
Department of Psychology
Ateneo de Manila University
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