[Blueboard] Invitation to the MSc Thesis Defense of Ms. Sherilyn T. Abarra

Noelyn I. Bonagua nbonagua at ateneo.edu
Thu Oct 29 11:25:47 PHT 2015

The Department of Biology

invites you to the *Thesis Defense* entitled

"Processed knife fish (*Chitala ornata*) meal as fishmeal replacement in
diets improves performance of juvenile Nile tilapia (*Oreochromis niloticus*


*Ms. Sherilyn T. Abarra*

MSc in Biology (candidate)

Adviser:  Dr. Janice A. Ragaza

Co-adviser: Mr. Melchor M. Tayamen

Panel members:  Dr. Merab A. Chan

                                                              Dr. Catherine
Genevieve B. Lagunzad

                                   Ms. Rhea G. Abisado

Date and time:   Wednesday, November 11, 2015

                    2:30 – 4:30 PM.

Venue:   SOSE Dean’s Conference Room
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