[Blueboard] Lectures on Animal & Plant Development by NAIST Professors

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The Department of Biology invites everyone to lectures on Animal and Plant
Development on *October 23, 2015, Friday* at *3:30 p.m. *at PCIB Lecture
Hall (SEC-B 201).

The speakers are professors from the Graduate School of Biological
Sciences, Nara Institute of Science and Technology (NAIST), Japan.

*Molecular Mechanism for Axon Outgrowth **and Neuronal Network Formation*

> *[image: Inline image 4]*Naoyuki Inagaki, Ph.D.
> Professor/Principal Investigator
> Laboratory of Systems Neurobiology and Medicine

*Shaping Plant Organs by the Meristems*

> *[image: Inline image 5]*Mitsuhiro Aida, Ph.D.
> Associate Professor/Principal Investigator
> Laboratory of Plant Developmental Biology

Thank you and we hope for your participation!

Abstracts Inagaki and Aida_Lectures
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