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*Artspeak : **Art Inspired by Science*

*Veronica Peralejo, IC Jaucian, Derek Tumala*

*Wednesday, 2 December 2015*

*3:30 pm, Ateneo Art Gallery*

The *2015 Ateneo Art Awards* shortlisted exhibitions featured several
artists that drew inspiration from science based images, imaginings and
mathematical concepts.

*Veronica Pee (Peralejo*) is inspired by image of parasites and cells seen
through a microscope. In her exhibition*, **Pocket Universe* she takes the
audience into the world of micro-organisms, through her delicate miniature
drawings of galaxies of bizarre planets and clay on eggshell sculptures
resembling creatures at the bottom of the sea.  Echoing this fascination
with nature is *Derek Tumala* who uses technology to investigate the realm
of science and the spiritual. Through his mapped projections he
investigates *Sacred Geometry*, a concept that has guided the design of
religious buildings based on the forms and patterns occurring in nature.  *Ian
Carlo Jaucian* likewise is driven by a desire to make tangible through
sight, sound and experience, the scientific ideas he is fascinated by.  In
his paintings and kinetic sculpture for the exhibit *In the Year 2000,* he
presents us with a vision of a humanity so advanced that it can control
plants robotically and time travel yet so infantile that it is unable to
use this knowledge to solve our greatest problems : poverty and pollution.

*Artspeak : Veronica Peralejo, IC Jaucian and Derek Tumala | Art Inspired
by Science on Wednesday, 2 December 3:30 pm at the Ateneo Art Gallery. *

The 2015 Ateneo Art Awards exhibition will run till Saturday, 5 December
2015.  For more information call 4266488 or emailaag at ateneo.edu.

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